Tue Oct 2, 2007 23:47

Did you watch the hearing on Blackwater today? There were a couple of things that came out during the hearing.

1) Prince started the firm in 1997. Their first contract was to "teach" the Navy how to guard their ships. This contract was issued because of the Cole bombing incident which I always thought was suspicious. Parking the ship in Yemen didn't make sense.

2) They are actually a contractor for the State Dept. The State Department is just an extension of the CFR.

3) Blackwater's income jumped from around $200,000 to over $1 billion a year by providing "protection services" in Iraq.

I don't know if there is any connection at all with the following, but they just stuck in my mind and were recalled by the above info.

Very early on when I first joined the info war online, I remember there was a State Department official who supposedly committed suicide by jumping out of office window. That was about the same time that Justice Souter was supposedly mugged while jogging in the park. And then a Congressional Aide was followed home by two men who beat her up - didn't steal anything, just beat her up.

And I'm wondering now about the incident with Colin Powell when he was being interviewed by Tim Russert and somebody who was there with him just shut off the camera - authoritatively cutting off the interview. Russert said, "Mr. Secretary, this is very inappropriate". Remember that? I now wonder if she was a Blackwater watcher.

One other side note - have you ever seen Paul Allen's yacht? Paul Allen is the VP of Microsoft and is probably the real power behind the throne. The name of the yacht is Octopus.

This is a link to a powerpoint of it:

He has Navy Seals in his crew. I'd bet they are Blackwater.

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