E. Knott
Invisible force
Mon Oct 1, 2007 17:52

There is a rap song in this topic of harassment by energy weapons. Hey, man! Do you feel a poke come up through your chair? Do you feel a burn on your head? How about blisters on the soles of your feet or between your toes? Does your pee run down your legs or go off to one side or both sides and spray all over the toilet seat? It's a beam of energy with charge and mass: It's not super beam; it's cold voltage electricity! Do you get zapped on the 10th floor or inside a cavern of stalagmites/stalactites? Do beams come through the windshield and sting your eyes when you are driving? Do you have blood clots in your eyes and wrinkled retinas now? How about that itch, any itch that isn't normal, any place on your body? It's cold voltage electricity from an energy weapon from an approaching vehicle or maybe even computer remote controlled in your own car. They CAN control the voltage. Does a balloon form inside your butt and make you make a quick dash out of sight? Do you get an urge to pee or other after you just went, and gee, you just got back on the road and now you have to go AGAIN! Do you get a sudden one-time reflux when you know you don't have that problem? Does your heart go too slow, too fast, maybe a little irregular and straighten out if you pound on the sides of your ribcage? Does your mouth and throat feel dry even while you are drinking water? Did your toenails curl up backwards and turn gold? Did your ankle get zapped as you were walking downstairs and you grabbed the banister just in time? Even a stomach growl could be the energy beam stirring things up. Joints ache, get stiff? Guess what? It's cold voltage electricity aimed at you. Do you feel a mist of grit hitting your face or nose that makes you sneeze or makes your sinuses clog up? What about the feeling of a beam through your lungs or that fire inside your chest? What about that burning on your skin that washes off with water. It's cold voltage electricity but all these are done at different voltages and different amperages. Can anyone write a funny but not-so-funny rap song? Let's see: Does your brain heat up? Does your pee run to the side? Do you feel like you're being zapped? It's an unfriendly, surveillance person working for his paycheck.

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