I only recently woke up to reality!
Tue Oct 2, 2007 07:11

It sounds like your only beginning the journey. You still think Americans are good people and for the most part some are great. However, remember something, these people you describe as basically evil, had to rise to their positions with the accent of those beneath.

Voters had to vote for the politician who is evil and sold out to the corporations. The CEO had to rise within the organization through the aid of others. Since a majority of corporate executives and boards of directors are psychopaths/sociopaths, you can see then that others had to be the same to aid and abet these crimes against humanity. I fear we are worse than we have ever been.

I don't know why this has happened, I can only speculate, but it seems to me when our families broke down and latchkey kids had no one home when they returned from school there was no one home to teach the lessons of humanity, integrity, honesty etc and we became more mobile so we lost our sense of community, family history and roots.

Given all of that, we are doomed as other societies before us for just those reasons. Sorry to burst your bubble, but remember we voted in those demons who now rule our nation. Look at the dems..... we thought we were changing the landscape when we voted in the dems and we did no such thing, we simply changed REPUB NEOCONS FOR PROGRESSIVE NEOCONS AND NOW WE PAY THE PRICE. By 2008 it will be too late, unless everyone DECIDES TO ELECT RON PAUL. Good luck.

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