Dealing with the Criminal Fed...
Thu Oct 4, 2007 00:29

My fellow countrymen,
The unconstitutional, criminal, monopolistic Federal Reserve's days are numbered. Surely, these poor excuse for human beings will be judged for financially raping every man, woman and child on the planet. The Fed, IMF, and World Bank are the root cause of poverty and terrorism.
And what happens to the non-usury Islamic banks in Iran should the neocons bomb Iran? Would they be brought under wing of this new economic order? The truth is that Iran is one of few nations that are not financial slaves.
Even the best laid plans of mice and men come unraveled and so shall this one as well. Some things you can do to return money power to the people are as follows: Use community owned credit unions, form money pools, make micro loans, use and promote alternative currencies, and work with others to create new wealth and get out of debt.
In addition, I am working on a parallel credit/debit system. It should be noted that this is essentially what we have now as money is created electronically "out of thin air." Also, do not confuse this "parallel system" with the mark of the beast and coming cashless society. But, rather for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. "Let's play hardball Mr. Bernenke. You may not bow to political or public pressure but you will be held accountable by your Divine Creator...

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