Tentacles & Roots of the DeLay MONEY MACHINE
Mon Oct 3, 2005 14:47

Tentacles & Roots of the DeLay MONEY MACHINE

ENRON in DeLay's Houston a DROP in the Bucket !!! JW

The Tentacles & Roots of the DeLay MONEY MACHINE

Our Farm BOMBED 5 Times !!! Fire Bombed 4 Times !!! in the last two years !!

Judson Witham

The Tentacles & Roots of the DeLay MONEY MACHINE goes way, way BACK !!! Harris & Montgomery County are FILTHY CORRUPT TO THE CORE

When Ollie North, Secord and Poindexter, Bush Sr. and Cheney N Comapnay ETC. ran the Money Laundery Op for the Missle Sale to the Iranians and the Money to the Contras, the FIRST Gala Fund Raising event was at the Galleria Hotel on Westheimer a couple blocks South of the Houstonian. ONE of the leading CROOKED Banks Western Bank Houston was RIGHT NEXT DOOR. The Land Deal I was lured into in Montgomery County at PINEWOOD VILLAGE Section One was used MANY TIMES to CHURN Loans through Western's COMMERCIAL LOAN DEPARTMENT. My Family has a fairly extensive background in Land Development Matters as Dad develped the Marina shown below on Lake George NY. (Site of the Weekends Tragedy involving the Tour Boat on Lake George NY)
Robert Corson and Company was associated with WESTERN BANK and BIG TIME.

The Houston Post's writings of Gerrald Egger and Pete Brewton were acomplished from my information to a GREAT DEGREE. The MAFIA associations of Secord, North and Poindexter in TEXAS are FAMOUS. Ronnie Earl's digging on DeLay will have to deal with the BIGGER PICTURE and using RICO go back to the 1980s when DeLay was first INSTALLED by the Bush Regime in Harris County !!!!


When I realised we had been had by the developer I went to the Bank, the Title Company and the County Authorities. I WAS ATTACKED AT EVERY TURN by these CROOKED BASTARDS as I later PROVED IN FEDERAL COURT there are over 635 Illegal Subdivisions JUST LIKE Whitewater and Pinewood Village JUST in Montgomery County. In the wake of the FRAUD I witnessed and was being subjected to I DUG very hard and DUG More and More and More beginning in 1981 JUST FOR THE RECORD, and what I found was MASSIVE and State Wide Land Cons just like the Clinton's BOGUS Speculation on the White River near Flippin and Yelleville Arkansas. Ozarks Realty and the Wades used Quapaw Title and Issuing Agent for AMERICAN TITLE the very same Crooks behind Hundreds Of Illegal Cons in Montgomery County, Texas and DeLay's Harris County. Having a very good understanding of Land Conveyance Law, Title Abstracts and ROWs and the Conveyance Requirements from private interests to STATE or Government Interests led me to a very close examination of the Land Recording, TAXATION and Platting Records of 635 Illegal Projects ORDERED RELEASED by the US District Court at 515 Rusk - Judge James DeAnda in 1987. The very bottom line is this, ROW and TAX ASSESSMENT ROLLS, Platting and Recording Laws and the USE of the US MAILS associated with these LAND/Bank Looting Cons is EXTENSIVE in Texas and all around DALLAS and HOUSTON. There have been BILLIONS looted Clinton, MacDougal Style using these Land Cons. Don Bolles discover the same garbage in the Tombstone area or Cochise County Arizona. Don Bolles was MURDERED to shut him up.

The Land Registration Act of 1931 and HB 473 or former Penal Code 1137h and Artcile 6626 a-c of the Texas LAND DEVELOPMENT LAWS sprung from the massive Land Con Lootings of S&Ls and Banks during the 1920s. The Money in great amounts was used JUST LIKE Arkansas Attorney General Clinton used to get the the Governors Mansion and then the Whitehouse. Funnling Campaign Contributions is an RNC and DNC Art Form. DeLay's recent indictment is only the TIP of the ICEBURG. Dallas was # 1 and Houston # 2 for Bank and S&L Lootings, BUSH KNOWS THIS - In FACT our President has been quoted in the Dallas Morning News describing this VERY SAME STORY, claiming 1,000,000 One Million Texas families got the shake down. Just picture the Money Machines of Whitewater and Castle Grande, travel a little WEST down I-30 from Little Rock and understand that 56% of the entire National S&L and Banking Meltdown happened in DALLAS & HOUSTON.

DeLAY's claims of Democratic Conspiracies begin in CONROE and Houston Texas !!!

I am 49 years old and spent a LIFE TIME in Land Development and Commercial Construction, Platting and Permit Compliance. I certainly knew enough about FEDERAL LAW and COURT Procedures to get Senior Federal District Judge DeAnda to order the release of the Records associated with 635 Illegal Projects just INORTH OF and IN DeLay's DISTRCT. The reason you have heard so little about this is CAMPAIGN CONTRUBUTIONS to folks LIKE DeLay and Bush from these CONS bought lots of SILENCE and LOYALTY.

Judson Witham

PS - ENRON is a drop in the bucket - JW

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