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Fri Sep 21, 2007 17:29

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Subject: Covert Human Testing, I watched - I stopped it - Government should be hung
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 15:11:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mark Serati

What CIA? The US government has been running genitic testing on the public (ligands and possibly mycoplasma) for over a decade in our cities. The law below allowed the Defense Department to contract it through medical universities.for a decade. Read the law below: Title 50 U.S.C., Chapter 32, Section 1520 m(-1/96 - 01/-04):

50 USC 1520. Use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents by
Department of Defense; accounting to Congressional committees with respect to
experiments and studies; notification of local civilian officials

(a) Not later than thirty days after final approval within the Department of Defense of plans for any experiment or study to be conducted by the Department of Defense, whether directly or under contract, involving the use of human subjects for the testing of chemical or biological agents, the Secretary of Defense shall supply the Committees on Armed Services of the Senate and House of Representatives with a full accounting of such plans for such experiment or study, and such experiment or study may then be conducted only after the expiration of the thirty-day period beginning on the date such accounting is received by such committees.
(b)(1) The Secretary of Defense may not conduct any test or experiment involving the use of any chemical or biological agent on civilian populations unless local civilian officials in the area in which the test or experiment
is to be conducted are notified in advance of such test or experiment, and such test or experiment may then be conducted only after the expiration of the thirty-day period beginning on the date of such notification.
(2) Paragraph (1) shall apply to tests and experiments conducted by Department of Defense personnel and tests and experiments conducted on behalf of the Department of Defense by contractors.
(Pub. L. 95-79, title VIII, Sec. 808, July 30, 1977, 91 Stat. 334; Pub. L.
97-375, title II, Sec. 203(a)(1), Dec. 21, 1982, 96 Stat. 1822.)

I knew about the testing before I knew about the law. How? I was a victim in a factory tort under this program. I forced its shutdown and fiked a federal tort which the United States government refuses to investigate or discuss as required bt law. They are all guilty of Treason against the people of the United Setates and should be hung by the becj until dead. It's as simple as that.

Feel free to call or email if you actually give a shit about the people in this country.

Mark Serati 

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