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Sat Sep 22, 2007 21:48

Minutes after the arrests, the Police Commissioner of New York City, Bernard Kerik, confirmed (on CNN) from his own sources the arrest of "three men in a van," and he had been told specifically that there were "no explosives in the van." Kerik also evaded the question of where exactly this van was located:

QUESTION: Where in New Jersey, do you know?

KERIK: I can't say yet.

Does he mean he "can't say?" He's not allowed to say? Or that he doesn't know? This is a very odd response to a pretty straightforward question about the location where an arrest has just taken place. How is Kerik so sure about the lack of explosives, if he can't even be sure where the van was?

Remember, there were two vans. That much is proven beyond any reasonable doubt. The first van -- stopped near Giants Stadium -- did not contain explosives. That much is true, although bomb sniffing dogs reacted to this van as if it did, as reported in the " target="_blank">Bergen Record story (FIVE MEN DETAINED AS SUSPECTED CONSPIRATORS, BERGEN RECORD (New Jersey) Wednesday, September 12, 2001).

The second van, stopped at the George Washington Bridge, is in question.

Kerik's confirmation of "three men" correlates to the George Washington Bridge van, as opposed to the five suspects in the other van who were stopped seven hours previously near Giants Stadium, and driven away "in a procession of state police cars around 5pm." (Bergen Record)

The timing of Kerik's announcement, 11:30pm, correlates to the later arrests. Kerik makes no mention of multiple vans.

Here's the quote:

BERNARD KERIK, NEW YORK CITY POLICE COMMISSIONER: I just got a confirmation from the Chief of Detectives, he's reach out to the FBI. They have confirmed that someone has been stopped in New Jersey, three men in a van. However, there was no explosives in the van. All right. They're being held for questioning.

Kerik really stresses the talking point. No one had mentioned "explosives" at the press conference up until that moment. The questioner did ask about "resources," a vague term that Kerik apparently interpreted as "explosives." (CNN, New York City Officials Address Day's Devastation, Aired September 11, 2001 - 23:30 ET)

I would implore local 9/11 Truthers to get the Port Authority Police Department records about these arrests at the bridge, and to interview all the involved officers they can locate. This assumes the police records still exist and haven't been purged like other important bits of history related to "Urban Moving Systems" and the 9/11 attacks.

The Jerusalem Post article has been removed from their website. Coincidentally, it has also been removed from the Internet Archive The Wayback Machine, exactly as the Fox "News" report was removed:

"Robots.txt Query Exclusion.

We're sorry, access to  has been blocked by the site owner via robots.txt."

So the reader will need to head to a library that carries the Jerusalem Post if they doubt the veracity of the WhatReallyHappened website, where that article is currently mirrored.

The FBI "Be On Look Out" or BOLO alert sent out to local police stations at 3:31pm on September 11th:

"Vehicle possibly related to New York terrorist attack. White, 2000 Chevrolet van with New Jersey registration with 'Urban Moving Systems' sign on back seen at Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ, at the time of first impact of jetliner into World Trade Center.

"Three individuals with van were seen celebrating after initial impact and subsequent explosion. FBI Newark Field Office requests that, if the van is located, hold for prints and detain individuals." (Bergen Record)

Original article:

Orwell's Triumph - There is no van full of explosives reported at the George Washington Bridge.

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