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Collapse of the Federal Reserve:
Sat Sep 22, 2007 15:19

Collapse of the Federal Reserve: The Second American Revolution
Dev Samael Daval
38 min 39 sec - Sep 21, 2007


(You are receiving this message because you are a Ron Paul supporter. If you find this email to be intrusive, please inform us of that and you will no longer receive any messages from the Ron Paul Coalition. This message is not an official announcement from the office of Ron Paul. Nor do we in any way officially represent him.)

We are writing you today to inform you of an excellent video we found that we believe reflects the energy, principles and vision of Ron Paul.

Our organization (consisting of Active Duty Personnel, Veterans and Civilian Professionals) was actually in the midst of creating our "Warning Order" video but a young man has, in part, beat us to the punch.

With the orchestrated collapse of the American economy at hand and global tensions rising, those who have chosen Ron Paul as their leader often beg the question of, "What can be done to keep the carpet under Ron Paul's feet and ours?" We believe this gentleman's presentation has succinctly answered, at least in part, that very question in the form of a short video.

Independent American Intelligence (that means "you") in conjunction with Ron Paul's own analysis, point toward an impending power shift that will place the American people in an alien state of existence. Which is to say, far removed from the American Dream; mired in financial debt and jaded to the reality that "We the People" actually do possess the ability to make a difference. Hopelessness can be engineered via the collapse of the economy, another false-flag operation (such as an attack on American soil or an attack on the USS Kitty Hawk, Enterprise or other vessel, similar to the Israeli led false-flag attack on the USS Liberty in 1967) and/or advancing toward the North American Union. Such events cause the psyche to recoil and forget oneself. Then forgetting the inherent and divine spark of power within us all. Which is capable of conquering the insurmountable. That is the essence of psychological warfare; convincing the opposition that they have already lost.

With Ron Paul as our guiding light, it is clear that we possess everything we need to win our lasting freedom in the hour in which we need it. All other mindsets are merely illusions.

Collapse of the Federal Reserve: The Second American Revolution (38 minutes, 39 seconds)

Together, we have the power.

Stay strong,
Ron Paul Coalition & Sons of Liberty  "coming soon"

Truth is the strongest weapon of all.



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