Bernie Rapoport (Waco) on Hillary Clinton
Sun Sep 23, 2007 16:08

19 August 2006
Bernie Rapoport (Waco)on Hillary Clinton

Big time Texas Democratic money man Bernard Rapoport had some interesting quotes about Hillary in Time's snapshot on Hillary's presidential ambitions:

Her strategists tell Time they are urging her to make her intentions clear by next spring—by forming an exploratory committee, for instance—to lock up fund-raising and political talent. Those close enough to know say that she is genuinely undecided but that Bill is not disguising his eagerness to see her make a bid for his old job. "He thinks that she should run, and he's going to do everything possible to help her," says Texas insurance mogul and philanthropist Bernard Rapoport, a longtime Clinton friend and backer.


Even when Bill doesn't get in her way, Hillary has trouble pulling off what came so naturally to him. "I wish she hadn't come out against flag burning," says her supporter and funder Rapoport. "The worst mistake she can make is to move to the right. She's going to lose a lot of the enthusiasm of the people who can get her elected." But others point out that by supporting a statute banning flag burning, she helped defeat a more drastic constitutional amendment that would have done the same thing—very much like what her husband did in 1995 when he produced a balanced budget, horrifying the left with 25% cuts in domestic spending. That helped take the political momentum out of a balanced-budget constitutional amendment. "Do you pretend [an issue] doesn't exist, or do you find a way to beat it?" asks former Clinton White House domestic-policy director Bruce Reed. "The Clintons have always found a way to beat it."

I'm mildly puzzled by the idea that Hillary needs to send a signal by spring 2007. She can wait much longer than any other Democrat in the race: the money will still be there, the consultants will still be there, the endorsements will still be there, etc.

In fact, until Hillary says she isn't running, people will assume that she is. So if I were Hillary's strategists, I'd keep her powder dry as long as possible.

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American Income Life Insurance Company -- Bernard Rappoport
Health Insurance for over 2 million union workers
[1993 Hillary Clinton spent over $5 million pushing
health insurance. Hubble, Hillary's partner
in Whitewater] Rappoport, pays $400,000 fee for Hubble's

With over $15 billion of life insurance in force, American Income is nationally recognized as one of the significant carriers of supplemental insurance in North America. Headquartered in Waco, Texas, American Income is licensed in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, and New Zealand.

In 2000, the company commenced operations in New York State through its wholly owned subsidiary, National Income Life Insurance Company. You can learn more about National Income through their website at HTTP://www.nilife.com .


Justice Department investigation should target UT campus


According to The New York Times, former UT System Regents Chairman Bernard
Rappoport hired Webster Hubbell for a joint venture with the Riady family in
Indonesia during the brief time before Hubbell's federal imprisonment. This
shocker should end naive beliefs that the cozy and profitable relationships
between the individuals who ran this system and Indonesian interests was

Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr is investigating these and other
enormous payments, totaling $400,000, to determine if they were "hush
money" related in any way to Hubbell's decision to not cooperate with
federal investigators. Appearances of impropriety include frequent visits
to Hubbell in prison by the Clintons' close personal friends, to remind him
the Clintons still "cared."

The Lippo Group, an Indonesian conglomerate run by the Riadys, helped
introduce since-disgraced fund-raiser John Huang to the Clinton
administration, which later endorsed Rappoport's $2 billion Chinese
real-estate project. Rappoport's public service to Texas served his private
interests well. Clinton has claimed ignorance of these "indefensible"
payments from his good friends and his best friend.

We can no longer deny the coinciding of Rappoport's sudden interest in
hiring Hubbell as his lawyer, and the large consulting compensation paid to
UT System Chancellor William Cunningham by Jim Bob Moffett and
Freeport-McMoRan -- a large and controversial corporate presence in

We now expect the Justice Department's investigation to shift south, to
the Democratic Leadership Council. This group was co-founded by Sen. John
Breaux of Louisiana, who helped Moffett intimidate our faculty last year.
This cozy relationship suggests our system administration lacks integrity.

This sad possibility is supported by other events. Last year, we lost a
"whistle-blower" lawsuit in which a plaintiff alleged the University
deliberately undercollected royalties from oil and gas producers with
ties to administrators.

Now there are allegations of administrators being forced to contribute
to the DNC. [APFN: Cause of Ron Browns death)

Students, faculty and staff are completely unaware of the alleged sleazy
machinations. Perhaps our traditional reliance on the Democratic Party's
support of higher education has left us vulnerable to its recent

Perhaps UT President Robert Berdahl had some of these consideration
in mind when he accepted the chancellorship at Cal-Berkeley. Berdahl
is a man of principle, he may have felt totally out of place within
the highest levels of the UT System.

Vernon is a graduate student in economics.



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