Greenspan Confronted By Activists
Mon Sep 24, 2007 17:02

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Greenspan Confronted By Activists, Flees From Angry Mob

Ron Paul Confronts Fed Chair on Deliberately Destroying the Dollar

Paul Joseph Watson / Prison Planet | September 20, 2007

Ron Paul has slammed Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke for deliberately depreciating the value of the dollar to artificially bail out Wall Street while poor and middle class people lose their homes and have their living standards lowered.

During a Banking Committee hearing on Capitol Hill today, the Texas Congressman confronted Bernanke and accused the Fed of trying to solve the problem of inflation with more inflation by creating artificially low interest rates that have no effect because of the dollar's weakness.


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Aaron Dykes

Activists angry at Alan Greenspan's recent deliberate attack on the U.S. dollar -- which has already resulted in further devaluation and asset seizure by foreign entities-- gathered at an event in New York to confront the former Federal Reserve Chairman on his shameful actions in contributing to a dollar collapse.

Members of were grabbed by police and forced out of the building after criticizing Greenspan for "destroying the country." Individuals who waited in line to ask Greenspan a question were told that there were "no interviews" by event handlers, who then signaled for police to take over.



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