I. R. Relevant Attacked Again!
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ANOTHER ATTACK! Keep Them Coming! At Least People Are Waking Up – Even If They Are A Bit Cranky!

(From A Reader To Someone Who Sent Them The Book)

(And by the way, the book is FREE on the Internet! You can read it and or download it from the site below.)

Ok, I read and here are my feelings. I saw Ron Paul on Bill Maher’s show several months back and was convinced at that time he WAS and continues to be the only HOPE for sanity to return to America. He is currently thwarted at every turn by the press and the money people who are not supporting him – the only way his message and possibly the salvation of our nation is for him to find a way to be HEARD by those of us who vote. Even if he believes in keeping troops in Iraq he still has the moral fiber to tell us why and how. For the author of this book to waffle on his support of this candidate is in my opinion cowardly on his part – where does he think the other votes will come from if with his supposedly huge reader base he can’t take a stand himself – what is he waiting for? Just like all of the other posers he wants a candidate to “speak to him” or his special interests. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has had the balls to try and stand up against the money machine and we know what happens to those without billions of dollars to spend on campaigns – They lose!

Check out the latest issue of Newsweek – Update from our Congress – the House passed but the Senate DID NOT give the voters of DC the right to cast a ballot in Federal elections (lost by 3 votes) AND Congress as a whole basically stripped all of us of the protections of the 4th amendment giving the President the power to snoop on any American in any way he feels is OK to achieve his political ends! Now that Rupert Murdock owns the Wall Street Journal and most of the other major newsprint papers in the US are owned by 4 or 5 companies none of us hear or read the truth on a daily basis – we hear and read what “they” want us to know and “they” are the Fear Machine, who want to make us all afraid that “they” are the only ones who can protect or save us – including from ourselves. If stress was not already killing me with the Fibromyalgia I might try and work for Ron Paul myself and see if I could not help right some of these wrongs – but the best I can do is VOTE for him and hope the rest of America sees the lighted path out of the darkness that has been caused over the last 30 years by the self righteous who are currently crying they are protecting us.



My Feedback

Any candidate we support should be willing to state clearly the things I put in the book. If Ron Paul will do that, maybe he will work. If he won't, slowing down the theft and slowing down the growth of government won't do much good. It will only delay the collapse of America by a very short time.

In addition, I have no "issues". I don't want the government to do anything for me other than stop stealing us all blind and leave us alone to run our lives.

To do that we have to take the country back to the Constitution, not some watered down, "interpret as it suits you" version.

How could I possibly be a "coward" because I don't have a candidate yet? How many people do? Aren't most people "leaning toward" one or two people. I spoke very favorably of Ron Paul repeatedly, both in the book and in my emails and newsletters.

Ron Paul could seal his candidacy by stepping up the plate on the Federal income tax for example. He knows it is a total fraud. BUT it is one thing to say he will do away with it, totally another to say that it has been misapplied to most Americans for the last SIXTY years.

If he would just tell the truth, that alone would wake the people up to the true evil that is government today. Without that truth, he is just another "also ran".

People deserve to know the truth!

And another thing, I have a full time job and yet I made time to write a book. I have been trying every chance I get to do something positive. Your friend just wants to make excuses. Tell her to write a book and organize something. Then we can talk!

Oh and one other thing -- she appears to have only been familiar with Ron Paul for a few months. I have been following his career, voting, statements, etc. for the last 10-12 years.

I. R. Relevant

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I. R. Relevant
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