Wed Sep 19, 2007 10:26

What will you do Mr. and Mrs. America-while you have choices to make, income coming in, people who will buy your stuff, your home? Act fast as I write this in September, 07 because time’s about out for you!

You-who works at a financial institution-what will you do? What will you do to begin to atone for serving those that have enslaved the entire Human Race and have set us on a course for genocide? Will you dedicate your lives, your treasures and your sacred honor?(yes you have that in your heart, it’s by Our Father and He’s ready for you to embrace Him) Will you warn anyone and everyone to steer clear of the banks before they get their meathooks into them for life?

Officers, Soldiers, Agents-what will you do when your “superiors” give you orders to attack your fellow countrymen, your fellow man? You have the guns-would you rather begin forging a real future for your children and all of Mankind by turning those guns on the minions of those who have warped everything about us? Surely a revolt is preferable to living with the damage to your very soul each time you evict a family out of their home, that they’ve worked their whole lives for, or murdering someone who saw through the FRAUD the bankers have committed on us all? The very FRAUD you uphold because “it’s your orders”? Nazis used that same excuse at the Nuremberg Trials…

What will all of you do-those that live by the beast-when WE THE PEOPLE shake loose your mental conditioning, and rise up in an unstoppable wave of FREEDOM and overthrow your putrid slave system once and for all? I’ll tell you; you’ll be quickly tried, found guilty of collaborating with the enemy, and summarily hanged from the nearest tall object. Or maybe have your throat slit or something.

And to the bankers… what will you do when the last of your minions, your soldiers desert you… and Justice is coming after years of seeing all you and your gangster families have built for generations come crumbling down? You want my advice? Give up now, repent and perhaps you can have a mansion and retire in exchange for righting what you have wrought upon us.

Do it now while you still have that option. Do it now while WE THE PEOPLE might let you off so easy.

J. Croft


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