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Time to free yourself of your slavery

J. Croft


Got a mortgage? For a mcmansion that’s been overpriced, and overly expensive to maintain, heat and cool? Filled it up yet with crap made overseas? Having a garage sale to make room for a fresh bunch of foreign junk?

Got a auto loan for a vehicle that cost more to repair than the car you bought 10 or 20 years ago? Think it’ll last long enough for you to pay off-or are you just going to get another lease?

Got a wallet full of credit cards you’re going to spend the rest of your life trying to pay back?

Got more bills from all that debt than you got cash for, so you get a payday loan to make ends meet-so you can get gas for your SUV and eat?

Got thousands more in student loans-because a college education takes a fortune-so you can afford to finance all the credit cards and the auto loans and the mortgages… and there’s no work in the field you chose because all the work’s gone overseas?


This picture look like your life?

Got a foreclosure notice from a court because you lost your job to China or India?

Got a moving truck for all your made in China crap because you lost your home?

Trapped, because the bankruptcy rules were changed and so now you’re bound to service this debt hell and high water, even adjusting for inflation?

Wonder how did things go to hell in this country?

Thank a banker.


International bankers influence government policy… meaning they control a lot more than what interest rate they charge. They control their banks through seats on the boards of directors of the major banking firms, and through stocks. The US Federal Reserve System is a private banking cartel illegally given government license. Bankers and their minions(they don’t have “friends”)determine how many laws you live under, how they’re configured to shape and influence your life. Since their overthrow of the US government in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act and the unratified 16th Amendment that illegally allows income taxes the bankers have run America into the ground. They’ve rigged the regulations and economics so that America has been subjected to repeated, artificially manipulated boom and bust economic cycles that serve to manipulate government policy, and public opinion as the bankers see fit. America has been emptied of it’s domestic industries-you can’t hardly even start up a “mom and pop” small business and have much hope of success, they can’t survive in a economy deliberately being destroyed.(1.)

A major industrial effort like steel or manufacturing? Better be a multinational conglomerate.

Bankers determine who gets the deals, the loans. No-not you, nor anyone you might know. But to those that are “in” with these parasites, that go along with either franchising some megacorporate chain store, or a merger that winds up shipping middle class jobs overseas and having literally slaves do the work, or robbing small family farmers and independent businesses of their homes, land, and livelihoods-you’re golden!

Bankers set the controls, the inputs and outputs of their society-we just try to survive in it but we’ve had any opportunity to advance ourselves systematically robbed from us. What are we left with? Working as an “associate” for some franchise store, picking cotton, lettuce and apples at a corporate run farm, or maybe you’re just ass-out at a temp firm.

So how do you get that “murkan dream”? Get some banker’s loans and credit cards. Salve the pain you feel in your heart about the crap deal you’re getting from the bankers and do some shopping-becoming even more their slave. Except it’s not a dream you can actually attain, it’s a myth passed down from your parents and grandparents who were weaned of their self-reliance and responsibility-domesticated by massah state and massah corporation. America’s their plantation.

Their chains are the debt they make you obligated to pay back-in spite of everything they’ve done to enslave you. It’s the ingrained obedience to anyone in a thousand dollar(current value)suit and their lawyers and bill collectors that ultimately binds you. Not losing your home or your car. And you’re going to lose it, when the bankers finance your employer to ship the factory you work overseas, or that franchise store you work at shuts down because of falling profits-because everyone else’s job’s been shipped overseas.

Do you know what those parasites, those TRAITORS do with the loan they make you spend a lifetime paying back, that they generate out of NOTHING? They use it just as they would actual federal reserve notes in the bank vault; they count it as a “fractional reserve” to make more financial insturments-and generate yet more insturments from those! Collateralized debt obligations, derivatives, and probably a lot more types of banker magic “money”-that they use to control or outright own every object, every institution, and everyone. Our chains of debt slavery are but the invention of their twisted, greedy little minds.

…You still think this is normal somehow? The bankers could literally transform our Earth into a paradise with all the wealth they hold, and they DO hold all of it… but this world of war and strife and suffering, disease, poverty, death: it’s what they want because weak, divided people preoccupied with religious, territorial, resource and economic side-struggles of their design are too preoccupied to fight back. That includes you Mr. and Mrs. ‘Murika: too busy gawking at Britney Spears having her last shot at a comeback blown out from under her on MTVcuz she’s a basket case, to notice you could’ve bought everything you owned at a THIRD of what you’re paying if you had done like our ancestors had done and paid up front.

Guess what? You’re going to lose your job because the whole scheme is coming undone. By design; because the bankers have all the money… now they want the assets so they take the last real jobs, crash the economy and foreclose on America, sell it all off to the highest bidder. They’re already stripping down old homes down to the last board and nail and reassembling them in Mexico-they’ll have the last American industry be asset strippers-disassemble everything and cart if off! Maybe if you’re lucky you can work for them and as you help finish off our once great nation you might be able to feed your family…

…Then again, if we’re going to lose it all anyway, lets lose it on our terms.

…If you’re gonna lose it anyway, lose it on your terms!

What do I mean? Repudiate your debts and free yourself.

What are your debts but aritifices, fictions of obligation tied to crap you don’t need and is shoddily made to boot?

Stop paying the bills.

“Are you CRAZY?!! I got this and that to pay for, and they’ll come after me, and I love my junk and blah, blah, blah.”

Our enemies the international bankers use our desires to entrap us in their imaginary chains of debt obligation. They’ve demonstrated they are the greatest enemy to Mankind, as they control all and set us against each other like so many toy soldiers. They thrive on destruction and enslaving others.

They have a weakness and it is the same weakness with any “authority figure”; they only have the respect they are given.

They only have the respect of their “authority” that WE GIVE THEM!

Therefore, the “obligations” they impose on us are only as valid as the authority WE GIVE THEM!


Their imposed debts are null and void.

Their “federal reserve notes” are fraudulant, therefore null and void.

Their contracts are rooted in fraud, therefore are null and void.

Their very lives have been spent murdering and repressing the Human Race from it’s true destiny-our true destiny! Therefore their very lives are null and void.

So act accordingly.

First, get ready; body mind and soul. Get in shape; eat organic foods, use a filter rated to cleanse water of chlorine, dead bacteria and flouride-the brain number.

Get right with God; you’ve got a purpose on this planet and it’s not to catch up on who wore what at the Emmys. Hint: it has to do with those talents you’ve let rot because you pursued some “career” set up by some bankster scumbag. Find a quiet place. Think nothing, say nothing, don’t let anyone or anything interrupt… Our Father WILL talk to you and the hard part is to LISTEN. Go from there.

Learn how to fight. Americans are trained to be dependent on the very beast for protection that enslaves them. Go to www.rwva.org to learn how to use a military pattern rifle, out to 500 meters. Go to www.awrm.org to learn how to be a soldier, because saying NO to the beast and challenging the “authority” of it’s minions is a inheriently dangerous matter. Besides you might make some Friends, and you’ll find out you’re not alone.

Take back YOUR GOVERNMENT! It’s OUR government, not the beast’s! Most of the tyranny that’s currently imposed by this nation’s Constitutional government is through local channels, through local government. So get some people together to take over the scummiest local berg or ville and FREE it of the neomarxist oppression that characterizes current government. Get the book “How to win a local election”. I cover these topics in much better detail among my various essays at http://freedomguide.blogspot.com so prepare because this is the kind of war that’s preferable to flinging bullets.

“The bankers control the governments, which control the troops who man all the high tech weaponry our tax dollars pay for, and they’re not going to allow this”!

That is the stumbling block. Backed into a corner like Ed and Elaine Brown the beast that is the federal government will use force-because if they don’t their whole house of cards that is their “authority” will crumble forever.

It’s like this; this is a war of beliefs between true human spirituality and the artifices imposed by the beast, between Freedom and slavery, between our America and the United States that has been conquering and murdering in our name, between good and evil. And this war is fought in the hearts and minds of every single person-it’s a choice they must make and stick with when that moment of epiphany, of clarity comes.

What will you do Mr. and Mrs. America-while you have choices to make, income coming in, people who will buy your stuff, your home? Act fast as I write this in September, 07 because time’s about out

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