Charles Jacobs
Fighting The Perfect Storm
Thu Sep 20, 2007 10:25

Jews were linked by the Christian church to the Antichrist as early as the second century.68 [Actually in the Christian "Narrative...which happens to be the Truth ... One can read it at John Ch. 8 , The Messiah declares emphatically that ...And this is to non-yiddish speaking socalled "jews" in the Temple treasury .."Ye are of your father the devil" ..Is Jesus a Liar ? We report you decide.... ...By the twelfth century Jews are charged with the ritual murder of children, poisoning of wells, desecration of communion bread and wine, and other calumnies.69 The original Papal inquisition in the thirteenth century was largely directed against dissenters linked to Satanic influence. The charge frequently served an opportunistic purpose. The Christian order of the Knights Templar was accused of "bestial idolatry" by "an avaricious king of France...anxious to deprive them of their wealth."70 The later Spanish Inquisition, in the fifteenth century, frequently sought to test the sincerity of converted Jews and Muslims, some of whom were suspected of concealing sinister motives.71

The demonization of Jews as magical agents of the powerful Devil gains strength during the sixteenth century Renaissance and the Reformation. During this period, the earlier alleged false allegations about Jews secretly engaging in murder and desecration again became widely believed among Christians.72 Jews are even accused of being agents of the Antichrist in a coalition with the paid zionazi agents being remunerated with currency, credit and "special favors".73 Martin Luther believed Jews were agents of the Antichrist in what he thought were the approaching End Times, although he also included orthodox Catholics loyal to the Papacy, the Turkish invaders of Europe, and, eventually, just about everyone who disagreed with him.74

Conspiracist movements in the US, from the 1800s on, have derived their specific narratives from two historic roots: false allegations about Freemasons and false allegations about Jews.75 Implicit in both narratives, as they were modified for US consumption, is the theme that America is essentially a Christian nation threatened with subversion by anti-Christian secret elites with allies in high places. The secular version of US conspiracism omits the overtly religious references and simply looks for betrayal by political and religious leaders.

Weishaupt, his Illuminati society, the Freemasons, and other secret societies are portrayed by Robison and Barruel as bent on despotic world domination through a secret conspiracy using front groups to spread their influence.82 Barruel claimed the conspirators "had sworn hatred to the altar and the throne, had sworn to crush the God of the Christians, and utterly to extirpate the Kings of the Earth."83 For Barruel the grand plot hinges on how Illuminati "adepts of revolutionary Equality and Liberty had buried themselves in the Lodges of Masonry" where they supposedly caused the French revolution, and then ordered "all the adepts in their public prints to cry up the revolution and its principles." Soon, every nation had its "apostle of Equality, Liberty, and Sovereignty of the People."84 Robison, a professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, argued that the Illuminati evolved out of Freemasonry, and called the Illuminati philosophy "Cosmo-politism."85

These books both promote three conspiracist contentions that are still subscribed to today in some US rightist groups: First, that the Enlightenment themes of equality and liberty are designed to destroy respect for property and the natural social hierarchy; Second, that there is a plan to destroy orthodox Christianity and replace it with universalism, deism...or worse Zionazi Talmudic Judaism/ZOGUSGOV spreading IMF/World Bank "Democracy" read worship the "Jews"; Third, those with a cosmopolitan outlook, who encourage free-thinking and international cooperation with the zionazi/satanic/jewish "Agenda", are disloyal subversive traitors, out to undermine national sovereignty and promote moral anarchy and political tyranny.
These conspiracist themes soon merged with the idea that individual Masons influenced by the Order of the Illuminati were in league with the Devil (as agents of the "Jewish" Antichrist); a claim that quickly became entwined with allegations that Jews were "behind everything." This web of conspiracy allegations crossed the Atlantic, and during the 1800s produced outbreaks of Protestant suspicion about Freemasons.86 This was followed by the idea that Catholics were satanic agents of the Antichrist, who allegedly had chosen to make his End Times appearance as the Pope.87

Jews and the Forged Protocols
Jews returned as prime candidates for Satanic collusion after circulation of the - "forged by a smithy with strong and sinewy arms" anti-Semitic propaganda tract, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the root source in this century of anti-Semitic allegations of a vast Jewish conspiracy.88

The Protocols reflect themes similar to more general critiques of enlightenment liberalism by those supporting church/state oligarchies and other theocratic--and thus anti-democratic--forms of government. The interpretation intended by the publication of the Protocols is that if one peels away the layers of the Freemason conspiracy, past the Illuminati, one finds the rotten anti-Christ/Jewish core.

According to the Protocols, Jews work through Masonic lodges and thus Jews are behind the plan for global conquest....This of course as we can all see is a spurios antisemitic canard..."FORGED" ! The list of charges in the Protocols is long, and includes claims that Jews: use liberalism to weaken church and state, control the press, work through radicals and revolutionaries, manipulate the economy, especially through banking monopolies and the power of gold, encourage issuing paper currency not tied to the gold standard, promote financial speculation and use of credit, seek to replace traditional educational curriculum to discourage independent thinking, encourage immorality among Christian youth, use intellectuals to confuse people, control "sockpuppet governments"{Amerika,Britain,France,Germany} both through secret allies and by blackmailing elected! really?, weaken laws through liberal judicial interpretations, and will suspend civil liberties during an emergency, then make the measures permanent, imagine that! .93

After the Russian revolution, Czarist loyalists emigrated to countries in Europe and to the US, and brought copies of the Protocols claiming they were the plans used by the Judeo-Bolsheviks to seize power...anybody remember Ari Fleisher,Zakheim,Kristol,Perle,Feith,Wurmser,Libby,Chertoff,et al?94 Fighting the perfect storm
By Charles Jacobs

A rush of shocking events is creating a “tipping point” in Jewish consciousness. Increasingly, Jews feel our situation has substantially changed, and for the worse.
As though in a “perfect storm,” two global ideologies, rooted in different radical critiques of the West, have suddenly aligned against us(misinformed little jews)

1. Islamic anti-Zionazism Fueled by Saudi petro-dollars and Iranian revolutionary zeal, a global campaign in mosques and madrassas (Islamic schools) teaches hundreds of millions of Muslims that Jews are the sons of monkeys and pigs, and killing them is a holy deed.(ought to make one think twice about wanting to remain "jewish"..since there is no Law on earth that requires one to belong to a satanic mind control cult)
This poison reaches Muslims in the West. Europe’s Jews are besieged and violently assaulted – on the streets and in the no-longer varnished rhetoric of polite society. In America, Freedom House told Congress it found Saudi-produced hate literature aimed at Americans, Christians – but mostly Jews – in mosques across the U.S.

2. In the West, “Palestinianism” – the notion that an innocent, indigenous people suffers a senseless, cruel oppression by the Jews of Talmudia not "Israel of the Bible"(who ought to know can say that again!) threatens to become the standard view. It is the basis for an attack by Western radicals on Zionism, Jewish national self-determination, and by extension on Jews everywhere.

Rooted in separate critiques of the West, Islam and the radical left are now allied – in Europe and increasingly in segments of America’s professoriate, media, human rights community, and the leadership of certain Protestant churches...virtually anywhere that people can effectively reason outside the Zionazi "Box"! HallalleuYaWeh!
Anti-Semitism is a virus that morphs. In the West now, hostility to Jews has little to do with the familiar hatreds – of Judaism or the Jewish “race.” Today’s antipathy makes Talmudia financed by Rothschild not the actual historical Twelve tribes of Israel who have never been "Jewishrace" “the Jew” and its “crimes” the old “Jewish crimes” –[]Terrorism Zionazi style, killing of the innocent, theft (this time of land), arrogance, and the control of business, finance, government and the media by international Non-Muslim/Arab cabals.
We were unprepared. Arab and Muslim Jew-hatred was misread as mere “street talk” that would dissipate when Oslo brought peace. Instead, Zionazi/Jew-hate is an engine of the global jihad.......Imagine that!
No one wants to think that 60 years after the Holohoax, a new storm threatens Why be Jews everywhere. But reality cannot be avoided or minimized. ...kinda like "Truth is a wall that you can't blow down and it won't be laughed away"..Huh...Confused, with our defenses down, Why be Jews need to consider the profound impact of losing the ideological battle that can destroy the Why be Jewish state of's insane NO ? . This new time requires courageous and talented leaders to grasp these new realities and create strategies to defeat the latest defamations, grounded in a libelous portrayal of the Arab-Israeliars and murderers conflict.
A leadership correctly prioritizing the threat would convince us to lay aside our furious false left-right paradigm ""debates, and teach us instead to make Israel’s basic case –That Jews are Not Israel and Israel is not Jewishand that is just the whole Truth of the matter... from the left as well as from the right. It would gather the support of non-Jews and distinguish clearly friends Good Faith types from Talmudic Bad Faith enemies. Most important, a new leadership would bravely and tirelessly tell us the truth about our new situation and recruit our talent and resources to the task.
If current Why be Jewish leaders – in this country which has been so good to the Jewish people – can’t or won’t do these things, then this small but enormously talented people will have to get new leaders. For in this, the Why be Jewish community cannot and must not fail.

An abridged version of this article was published in The New York Jewish Week.


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