Question: Is the Constitution Legitimate?
Wed Sep 19, 2007 23:25

Question: Is the Constitution Legitimate?

Did you know that the American People opposed the adoption of the U.S.

Did you Know that Patrick Henry ("give me liberty or give me death!")
lectured against the Constitution? He warned it would be an artifice to
set up a tyranny.

What if the U.S. Constitution was a fraud and usurpation from the
beginning? What if everything we are told to believe about the
Constitution is a string of lies based on more lies? What if the entire
American legal and political system was a lie based on a fraud
perpetrated by traitors who sought to destroy what America was before
the "Constitutional Era?"

Many people speak of the Constitution and "constitutional law" in
reference to matters legal. They defend their positions on issues by
referencing the "Consitution." When the U.S. government wants to steal
land or oppress or imprison or harass people, its agents point to the
"Constitution" as authorizing their acts. Even though the government is
consistently committing murder, theft, terrorism, and robbery, all these
acts are given legal euphemisms and justified by a piece of parchment
called, "The Constitution."

But does anyone bother to question the legitimacy or validity of the

Can Christians support the Constitution and remain true to Christ? Or
does the Constitution violate and stand against all of God's laws? Is
the Constitution a device of evil and injustice?

Does the Constitution have any real authority at all? Is the U.S.
Government even legitimate? Or does its very existence stand in stark
opposition to everything God wants for men, including freedom?

What if almost everyone in America was and is brainwashed so they could
not see what the Constitution really means and actually
accomplishes--what if everyone were brainwashed so that they could not
see that the Constitution was actually a device to enslave all men under
a strong central criminal cartel masquerading as a government?

I have assembled articles that address these questions. I invite all to
suggest more reading material to be added to the collection. If you
would, please post links to related material you have found enlightening
and add a short synopsis within this discussion thread. Read more on the
fraudulent Constitution at:



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