Hate Crimes USA
Fri Sep 21, 2007 11:51

Hate Crime USA
By Michael Treis
09. 20. 07

This week the level of black/white tensions have been brought to an all time new high in Jena, Louisiana. Mostly by the local radio station K 104’s Skip Cheatum and “Reverend” Al Sharpton. His radio name “Cheatum” is a good one too, as he is cheating his community and his black brethren of truth and trying to incite a riot to gain ratings for his radio show and should be fired.
If it had been the other way around and a group whites had called one of them the “N” word and beat black individual, this would have been the most racist hate crime of the century and in the world according to the media.
You can’t have it both ways.
Either what these six blacks beating the holy ever-loving hell out of this white “boy “ as they called him, (if I had called the six defendants that I would be called a racist), was a hate crime, or none of black on white crimes are hate crimes.
People like the so called “Reverend” Al Sharpton who at best is trying to continue to make a “name” for himself; or at worst being a tool of police state mentality and trying to cause a race riot. Race riots have always been a tool of the police state mentality group of politician and that wishes more draconian laws to beef up the police state.
I do however; think we should take a lesson from our black brethren in that we as whites should, as well as blacks, be on the busses to Washington, D.C. to stop the police state mentality legislations as “THE PATRIOT ACT” which destroys the Constitutional Rights we are supposed to have. Not to mention, “hate crimes legislation” for what it truly is, federal Gestapo legislation to bring about tighter police state legislation and further federalization of local police forces and encourage black/white tension.
Quick look at Jena Louisiana!! No! No! Quick look at O.J. Simpson!!!! We are being manipulated by mainstream news media, into HATE!!! There are actual protocols for doing such things in CIA and military manuals as well as the protocols of the Illuminati! Wake up folks turn those busses and head to Washington, D.C. to those practicing the REAL HATE CRIMES, our elected officials and the mainstream media their greatest tool!!!!.
WAKE UP FOLKS! We’re being ZOOMED beyond belief.
Where is Sharpton, Jackson, or any of the other black leaders in telling folks the truth about 911? Have you heard one of them,(Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Oprah, or Montel) admit the truth that physics doesn’t lie, and the jets did NOT bring down all three buildings on 911, EXPLOSIVES DID!(See www.destructionofamerica.4t.com , www.scholarsfor911truth.com , etc. )
No, they haven’t! They have been to busy pulling blacks and whites apart or just saying “we should all just get along or everything is beautiful,” give me a break. When are we as AMERICANS not blacks, whites, etc., etc., going to stop letting the mainstream media and so called “advocates” jerk us around? When are we as Americans going to stand up TOGETHER as ONE PEOPLE, and stop these New World Order group from destroying America from within? When are we going to enforce the first law the Declaration of Independence, because our government leaders won’t uphold the Constitution they swore to uphold?
When are we as a people going to buckle down and get to work LOCALLY to stop our local leaders from excepting federal funds in return for federalizing local police, making local Homeland Security offices with all new MILITARY cop gear and SWAT teams, in return for infringing upon our God given Rights?
For every Right we have there is equal responsibility WE are supposed to shoulder. Do you want to live free, or are you happy being a CONTENTED SLAVE? Can we all say “yas sir mister boss man” and stick our hand for free health care, a new federally funded civic center, or condemning someone’s home under “imminent domain” to put a new strip mall or Cowboys Stadium? ? What’s the difference? NONE!
We have made ourselves wards of the state. Think not? Try looking up the definition of “person” or “subject” in a Blacks Law or especially other older legal dictionary. We are “subjects”, like a kings subjects when we are supposed to be a nation of SOVERIGNS, not “citizen subjects!” Again, WE have failed. By not enforcing our Rights when the government refuses, we surrender them to our masters. By following the slight of tongue of the media, that have lied to us for DECADES, because they are all owned by the New World Order groups like the Rockefellers at One Rockefeller Plaza, home of the big 3 NBC, CBS, ABC.
WE have failed by teaching our children as well as ourselves that we must depend on the state to provide for every form of aid to women and children, as Daddy’s are bad guys and incapable; so CPS should police all families and separate children and reprogram them because of they’re unfit parents and only Child Protective Services knows what’s best. If you believe them, have I got a bridge for you and it’s only slightly used!
Wait a minute STOP THE PRESSES! What about all those people of Iraq who were BLAMED for 911 and it has been proven was in NO way involved. Mr. Rockwell puts in view.
None Dare Call It Genocide

By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
Here is the grisly bottom line: more than one million people have been murdered in Iraq since the US invasion, according to the ORB. Yes, other estimates are lower, but you have to be impressed by what they have found. It seems very credible.

In Baghdad, where the US presence is most pronounced, nearly half of households report having lost a family member to a killing of some sort. Half the deaths are from gunshot wounds, one-fifth from car bombs, and one-tenth from aerial bombs. The total number of dead exceeds the hugely well-publicized Rwandan genocide in 1994.

You are welcome to inspect the detailed data.

Aside from the astonishing detail, what jumps out at me is the number of dead who are neither Sunni nor Shia. It is also striking how the further geographically you move from US troop activity, the more peaceful the area is. Americans think they are bringing freedom to Iraq, but the data indicate that we are only bringing suffering and death.

“If you have ever lost a family member, you know that life is never the same again. It causes every manner of religious, social, and marital trauma. It's bad enough to lose a family member to some disease. But to a cold-blooded killing or a car bomb or an airplane bomb? That instills a sense of fury and motivation to retribution.

So we are speaking of some 1.2 million people who have been killed in this way, and that does not count the numbers that were killed during the invasion itself for the crime of having attempted to oppose invading foreign troops, or the 500,000 children and old people killed by the US-UN anti-civilian sanctions in the 10 previous years.

And let's not flatter ourselves into thinking that these are nothing but ragheads killing each other for no good reason. Just this past weekend, there is an example in point. Some of the legendary contractors for the State Department were driving through the Sunni neighborhood of Mansour in Baghdad. They were driving their SUVs when witnesses reported an explosion of fire that lasted 20 minutes. The SUVs drove off, leaving at least nine people dead on the road.

Why? No one knows. Sure there will be investigations. There have already been apologies. The company in question has had its license to practice occupation revoked by the Iraqi government. For how long, no one knows. But these are merely symbolic gestures. There will be no justice, and no forgetting.”
LewRockwell.com, and author of Speaking of Liberty.
All brought to us by that wonderful people that brought US 911, WACO,(planned by Bush), WTC attack #1, Oklahoma city bombing, and yes even the first American Coup de tat the assignation of JFK and the bay of pigs and we have the proof! The Bush administration and friends! Prove me wrong if you think you can AFTER you examine the evidence.
So where are all the busses with AMERICANS, black, white, tan brown, or green with pink polka-dots if you can find any, trying to stop the GENOCIDE IN: Africa, and the world BY The World Health Organization’s and US Special Virus Program’s(vaccination) biological war of AIDS made right here in the good old US? Where are the busses, of AMERICANS headed to Washington, to stop an administration and enforce the Declaration of Independence AGAIN? You want to really change things? ENFORCE your GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!! Don’t bother talking to me about some kids in jail because they got STUPID and need to learn a life lesson, until you get to Washington!Choose well whom you will serve!

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