"Hope For America" Campaign is really SIZZLING!!
Thu Sep 20, 2007 19:50

"Hope For America" Campaign is really SIZZLING!!

For Rep. Paul, each piece of legislation must be examined for its constitutionality; that is, on the basis of whether or not the US Constitution allows the Congress or the Federal Government to engage in the actions described by the proposed legislation. If the Constitution does not allow it, then it must be opposed. (Read the text of the Constitution here).

When a Member of Congress is said to have "sponsored" legislation, this means they are the primary author and originator of the legislation for that particular Congress. A co-sponsor is a Member of Congress who joins with the sponsor in originally introducing the legislation, or officially supporting it after the measure has been formally introduced to the Congress.

You may search for legislation using a key word or phrase (such as 'abortion' or 'guns'), or using a bill number like (such as h.r. 1425, S. 896, h.j.res. 125, sconres 24, H.Res. 99).


Sep 20, 2007 9:25 AM
Subject: RP 2nd Amendment Nationwide Ad Campaign
Body: ~~ Ron Paul - A Call To Action ~~

2nd Amendment Nationwide Ad Campaign

Ron Paul and his "Hope For America" Campaign is really SIZZLING!! How about his poll numbers at 33%, according to Fox News, after the most recent Republican debate?! Also, the fact that he raised more money over the Labor Day weekend, then all other GOP candidates combined -- receiving over $100,000 at a party/fundraiser in the swanky Highland Park, Texas, alone!

But friends, there is no time to rest -- we must take our campaign strategy to the next level and make Ron Paul, the seasoned Statesman, a more highly-visible candidate, bringing integrity back to our White House. As a leading advocate for freedom and a strong stance on the preservation of our 2nd Amendment -- this belief alone sets Dr. Paul apart from all other candidates.

Based on Dr. Paul's "Project Freedom", we have created an ad campaign that will spotlight his views. The reason we have chosen a 2nd Amendment theme is because, if you remember back to the 2000 George Bush election, it was the Pro-2nd Amendment voters who carried him into office. Appropriately, it was these same voters who carried the Republicans into Congress in the 1994 mid-term
elections. That group has grown significantly in numbers over the past seven years, and they can NOT be overlooked. We believe that we can count on this segment of voters to know a Pro-2nd Amendment-friendly candidate when confronted with one, and those voters will follow thru with that recognition all the way to the ballot box.

The bottom line is this: WE HAVE 4 MONTHS UNTIL THE PRIMARIES. Voters are looking for a Candidate of character and moral values that they can support. Not only does Dr. Paul have the credentials and an impeccably flawless track record of 20 years of service as a Texas Congressman, he is also well equipped with the leadership skills to tackle the tough issues that face our country, to become our next President in 2008.

You may recall that Obama had 'Obama-girls' and Hillary had 'Hillary-girls'. Well, its time for Ron to have 'Ron's Resistors'. Since Dr. Paul is Pro-2nd Amendment, we have designed a print ad campaign that features a very clear Pro-2nd Amendment message. All ads will be clean, tasteful, classy, shockingly-appealing and inviting. (We're not interested in ads which are anything otherwise.) The Pro-2nd Amendment voter crosses a wide range of people
in many cultures, both men and women.

We have already gotten this campaign off the ground, thanks to several generous supporters who have stepped up with contributions along with their time and expertise on the ad work / layout. NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP WITH FINANCIAL DONATIONS FOR THE ADVERTISING COST. 100% will go towards this Ron Paul Pro-2nd Amendment Campaign and may be tax deductible (please check with your tax consultant). We believe this Campaign will be a huge success and we plan to continue, with several other ads in the works.

This request is being sent out nationwide, to as many individuals and Meetup Organizers as we can possibly reach. The Meetup Organizers and Groups are doing a tremendous job all across the nation. We must get focused and united. Together, we can make the difference as to who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Specifically, we want to commit to running an ad at least six (6) times in the next four months, and we currently have funds in hand for two of the six ads. If everyone who reads this message and each Meetup Group would consider making a minimum donation of $50, we would have this campaign cinched. (If there is an excess of donations, we will move on to the next most popular magazine and begin ads there.)

IT IS TIME TO PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR BELIEFS ARE. If you are a RON PAUL Constitutional Supporter, please consider being a part of this very important campaign in any way, and for any dollar amount that you can afford, and as soon as you can. We believe that we are doing what we have been called to do, and we MUST move forward. We welcome your support.

All 2ND Amendment Ad Campaign Donations may be sent to:
ATTN: Ron Paul 2nd Am Campaign, c/o Paula A., Box 1463, Kamiah, ID 83536

Thank you for your generous consideration.

Organizer, N-Central IDAHO Ron Paul 2008 Meetup #345

PS. If you have ideas or talents -- please tell us about it!

"If...you wish to live in a nation where the United States government is governed by the Constitution, you had better support Ron Paul. This may be your only opportunity, for it is entirely possible that this will be the last time such a choice is presented to you." ~~ Vox Day ~~


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