o        New Orleans man claims the levy was "blown up"ABC NEWS:, Tue Sep 13 00:23


INSIDE Hurricane Center

NOLA Special Report:, Mon Sep 12 15:24

         Satellite Imagery of New Orleans 2005 Hurricane Katrina www.globalsecurity.org, Mon Sep 12 16:16

o        The "Lesson" of Katrina is that the US Government NEVER LearCheryl Seal, Mon Sep 12 12:26

         Despite Katrina, Bush trying to cut funding Cheryl Seal, Mon Sep 12 15:01

         FEMA and Katrina: REX-84 Revisited Kurt Nimmo, Mon Sep 12 13:17

         FEMA Director Mike Brown Resigns RON FOURNIER, AP, Mon Sep 12 17:43

         New Orleans TOXIC For DECADE! Needs "EM" Now! Dick Fojut, Mon Sep 12 12:37

         Either we Impeach Bush, or he flattens the nation like N.Oheroay@logontx.net, Tue Sep 13 11:45

         MARK YOUR MONEY with NO BUSH StarCat, Tue Sep 13 22:43

o        Hurricane OPHELIA noaa.gov = National Hurricane Center, Mon Sep 12 04:26





         Need you to pass out this document to all on your list D'Anne Burley, Mon Sep 12 00:21

o        Police Corruption Ignored james gallogly, Mon Sep 12 01:01

         Police Kill Five Contractors on La. Bridge nopdonline.com, Mon Sep 12 01:46





         "911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold"Anthony J. Hilder, Sun Sep 11 18:55

o        (Con'td) Anthony Hilder Sues Mike RuppertANTHONY HILDER - PLAINTIFF, Sun Sep 11 19:03

         Is Something Big Coming?Patricia L. Pereira, Mon Sep 12 04:35

         September 11 Revisited William Rivers Pitt, Mon Sep 12 00:36

         RE: 1935 book: 'It couldn't happen here'raewilson@usa.com, Mon Sep 12 01:13





         Slow Katrina response in post-9/11 era makes no sense Kevin Barrett, Sun Sep 11 17:38

o        What you need to know about the N.O. LeveesJim McCanney, Mon Sep 12 00:04

         SHOW ME THE PROOF Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr., Tue Sep 13 02:40

         LEVEE EXPLOSION/TERRORISM Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr., Mon Sep 12 19:21




o        A MUST READ - Blueprint for disaster johnray1776@wowway.com, Sun Sep 11 16:46

         "Smoking gun" documents nail FEMA, Chertoff, and Bush Rep. Waxman does it again!, Sun Sep 11 16:59

         Armed militia protects its New Orleans neighborhoodBob Dart, Sun Sep 11 17:10





         This White House Scandal Finally Tips the Scale! LEAKGATE, Sun Sep 11 15:21

o        Iraq Linked to 9-11 and Oklahoma City Bombing NewsMax.com, Sun Sep 11 16:28





         Stream of officials coming to Baton Rouge for supplies BioGerminator@aol.com, Sun Sep 11 15:00


Stunning 911 4th anniversary flashEric Rainbolt, Sun Sep 11 01:54





         OKC BOMBING....Is Tim in Hell or on Paradise Island?Pat Shannan, Sun Sep 11 00:07





         New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms as Water Recedes Justin Oldham, Sat Sep 10 22:10

o        Katrina and the Constitution: the Rules Have Changedkurtnimmo.com, Sat Sep 10 22:14

         Eyewitness Report from New Orleans - wake up call Lyn H. Lofland, Sat Sep 10 22:20




         "You Can't Govern if You Don't Believe in Government" Thom Hartmann, Sat Sep 10 18:56

o        Hurricane Katrina Information AIR AMERICA, Sat Sep 10 19:30

         Blackwater Mercenaries Deploy in New Orleansjohnray1776@wowway.com, Sat Sep 10 20:55





o        RE: Refugees from New Orleans behind barbed wire in UtahDon Nash, Unknown News, Sat Sep 10 20:24





         Man tells Chenny--F#ck U-arrestedGORBEE, Sat Sep 10 15:05





         To: The 95 countries that helped Katrina victims! Judah Ben-Hur, Sat Sep 10 14:06

o        Barge must have busted through the levee BioGerminator@aol.com, Sat Sep 10 15:21





         John Roberts...children who commit delinquent acts.Village Voice, Sat Sep 10 13:12

o        Bush Most Anti-Child President in HistoryCheryl Seal, Sat Sep 10 15:11

o        Roberts; Another Disaster from Bush Warren B Appleton, Sat Sep 10 14:50

o        Court Rules U.S. Can Indefinitely Detain Citizens7NEVADA@sbcglobal.net, Sat Sep 10 14:42





         Powell comes cleanMichael, Sat Sep 10 08:46

o        Re: Powell comes cleanBob Scheidt, Sat Sep 10 09:18

         Violations of the Law Must Entail ConsequencesStephen M. St. John, Sun Sep 11 02:33




o        Mexican Troops in U.S.BioGerminator@aol.com, Sat Sep 10 03:30

         GET READY...IT HAS BEGUNninlil2010@yahoo.com, Sat Sep 10 14:57

         Re: [apfn-1] GET READY...IT HAS BEGUN tawny_wulf2@yahoo.com, Sat Sep 10 15:30










         Mike Malloy e-mail maddog, Fri Sep 9 23:26

o        U.S. State Dept. Identifies Misinformation on the Web. Maryfromfla@aol.com, Sat Sep 10 00:26

o        Good News From New Orleans The Mike Malloy Show, Fri Sep 9 23:46

         FEMA's Blocking Relief Efforts - An Amazing ListRENSE.COM, Sat Sep 10 00:32




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