Ruth Benderall
" 9/11 "
Tue Sep 11, 2007 00:46

Dear People:

If (and when) everyone keeps talking and writing about 9/11, then (a few years from now) nobody will remember in which year this "Attack on "America"" took place.

The date was: 11 September 2001. Or: 11.9.2001.
(This is the way the rest of the world uses dates. (Not meant here is the consumable...). Except for computer-lingo, where-in it is: 2001/9/11).

9/11 is a telephone-number for emergencies.

Today is: 11 September 2007.
Six years after 11 September 2001.

And get this: if the mainstream media would not mention it, then the majority of the people would not remember one minute of this occurrence.
People go on with their lives.
People have bills to pay.
People have children to make and to raise.
In short: people can care less about " 9/11 "; only if they need it for emergencies.

The reason why it is (to this day) called " 9/11 " is so that people will forget...(and have already forgotten...).
They say (scratching their heads):
"What do you mean " 9/11 ". I got married on 11 September 1999" (or as it is said in the u.S. of N.A.: September 11, 1999).
Et cetera. Ad infinitum.

Besides all the nastiness of the deliberate destruction of "The Towers" (about which the perpetrators will NEVER deny nor confirm anything), there is a CON-plot about why it is called " 9/11 ".
They count on the short memory-span of the average "American".
For example: ask anyone during which years the Vietnam-"conflict" was "fought".
For example: ask anyone what happened from 16 January 1991 till 28 February 1991.
Ask people when mr G.W. Bush started the "war on Iraq".

Thus: if the people of the "united" States of North America want to remember the implosions of "The Towers" in New York, New York, then we need to start writing and saying:
11 September 2001 (which is, again, the way the world uses calender-dates).
No longer " 9/11 ".
Lest we forget.

And lest we forget all the other calender-dates in the infamous history of human-kind...

Thank you.
Ruth Benderall

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