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"pull it" is not an "industry term" for a controlled demolition. "Pull it" was referring to any emergency services or rescue effort, which were stopped to prevent further loss of life
Was the term "PULL IT" and industry term prior to 9/11 ?

Much has been made about the term "pullit"

For a refresher, Larry Silverstein said this...

I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, "We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it."
And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.

From Wikipedia...
Is "pull it" an industry term?

The closest thing I could find to a citation on this was a comment on a forum from someone in the industry responding specifically to that allegation:[5]

"I've had enough. The term "pull it" means pull it over. The term isn't used much today, because of the modern equipment used by demolition contractors. Fifty years ago wrecking contractors were less affluent, they depended more on ingenuity in the work place than on equipment. This was especially true when large buildings were taken down with hand labor. In those situations most interior and exterior walls had to be cabled and "pulled" in onto floors. Before you "pulled" the walls you would place old truck tires on the floor to cushion the shook and maintain the integrity of the floor your working on. In those days wrecking contractors would often attach cables to trucks or a dozer to collapse a section of a building or whole buildings. With advent of backhoes, skid loaders you don't have the need for cabling that you did in those days"

Sounds pretty damn reasonable to me.
As a matter of fact it sounds VERY obvious.
To me, it seems obvious anyone who doesnt understand "pullit" was mean as a demolition term,
especially, in the context Silverstein used it, is probably a disinfo agent.

lets see what the authority on WTC7 says....

Web research supports the theory that Silverstein's remark was part of a calculated distraction. The pull-it remark is copied by hundreds of websites, many citing the remark from the Ground Zero worker about Building 6 as proof that to 'pull' means to demolish. However, searching sites specific to the demolition trade does not support this meaning of 'pull'.The following Google searches of the two best known controlled demolition sites in October of 2003 did not return any results indicating that pulling and demolition are synonymous.

* pull
* pull

Searching Google with the query demolition pulland filtering out sites referring to the Silverstein pull-it remark returns only one result
in about 10 pages of results that uses 'pull' to mean demolish:

City staff have contacted the property owner by phone
to request that he obtain a demolition permit and pull down and demolish the building

A review of the numerous websites that assert that Silverstein's remark constituted an admission of demolishing WTC 7 is revealing. Few such sites note that the physical characteristics of the collapse exactly match conventional demolitions, or that fires have never before or since felled steel-framed high-rise buildings -- two facts that constitute an overwhealming case for the controlled demolition of WTC 7.
Instead, the pull-it controversy seems to have created a distraction, eclipsing the case for controlled demolition.

end WTC7.NET

So WTC7.NET says it WASNT a demolition term ?

I have to take issue with his choice of google searches.
First, he talks about the google query demolition+pull and says to filter out sites
reffereing to Silverstein's "pullit" remark.
It sounds like he did this, and had only ONE result
BUT, he fails to provide a LINK
Well, to filter this properly, we need to do a bit more.
lets try this...
Results 1 - 10 of about 584,000 for demolition building pull -Silverstein -pull-it -911 -9/11 -"september 11" -derby -WTC

So, did he look at EVERY one of these 584,000 results ?
i doubt it.
If he did, he would have found some.
One has to wonder, if hes reall that dumb ?

Some of the results i found, were even posted BEFORE September 11.
There no need to post all of them, i didnt bother to even read them all,
I think my point is made with just a few.
This IS an industry term, and moreover, its just plain common sense,
in the context that it was used.
828 results for for "pull down a building"

Date: January 9, 1996
TO: Vancouver City Council
FROM: City Building Inspector
SUBJECT: Demolition of Dangerous Building
City staff have contacted the property owner by phone to request that he
obtain a demolition permit and pull down and demolish the building,
however, the owner has demonstrated no desire to cooperate.

Sept. 24, '98
Four executive members of the Atebubu youth association (AYA) have been arrested by the police
over the demolition of a building which was being rehabilitated for use as the office of the Atebubu town council.
Members of the association allegedly went on rampage and pulled down the building
because, according to them "as a swish building, it was not fit to be used as a town council office."

The next house erected in Seneca was a concrete stone building, put up by Downing & Stewart;
the latter soon after selling to A. M. Smith. Downing & Smith sold to L. J. McGowan,
who finally pulled down the building and erected the substantial stone structure in which Hazard & Sons now do business.

Sadly, this location is now history. The folks that opened Coach and Horses years ago
finally sold out the land and building for development and the dozer pulled down the building just last month.

The Gweru Synagogue complex was sold to a church, the KweKwe one sold to the
Hindoo Community as a temple, I understand it has since been re-sold. The
Kadoma Synagogue was also sold to a church last year who pulled down the building
and I understand built a larger complex on the site.

Ox’s hoof found in wall
‘When I lived at Lyddon House some twenty years ago, a very old cottage adjoining was pulled down.
The building was largely of rubble and one of the men engaged in the task of demolition, found embedded in a wall,
the hoof of an ox shod with a miniature horse shoe

: the President soon spread his Lodgings westward on their present site;
and the old Hospital buildings were not pulled down.

The quadrangle was given its present appearance little more than a hundred years ago.
In 1822 the north side was pulled down. The building was said to be in a dangerous state of decay,
but in fact the demolition was apparently carried out at the instigation
of a faction among the Fellows during the long vacation.

The remains of the building, including the Grammar School,
were pulled down as unsafe in 1824,
and the Grammar Hall was restored and adapted by Buckler.

The story of Samson is paralleled in the history of a hero named Zipanca, told of in the "Popol Vuh,"
who, being captured by his enemies and placed in a pit, pulled down the building in which his captors had assembled,
and killed four hundred of them.

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