Day 2, 02:45 PM ET (Results
Thu Sep 6, 2007 13:50

Day 2, 02:45 PM ET (Results are delayed 15 minutes)
Total Votes: 3,498

The Fox News GOP Presidential Debate At The University Of New Hampshire: Who Won?

percent votes


RUDY GIULIANI (646) (18%)

MIKE HUCKABEE (643)(18%)

DUNCAN HUNTER (172) (5%)

JOHN MCCAIN (290) (8%)

RON PAUL (971) (28%)

MITT ROMNEY (518)(15%)

TOM TANCREDO (204)(6%)

They made every effort to make Ron look the fool, even had an open mic to one of the talking-head ignoramuses doing a heckling giggle-laugh every time Dr. Ron was on camera being asked a question. He beat 'em all anyhow. They must know by now that they can't afford to have him on any more debates.

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