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Judge Strikes Down Parts of Patriot Act
Thu Sep 6, 2007 17:25

Judge Strikes Down Parts of Patriot Act
CBS News and The Associated Press report that "a federal judge struck down parts of the revised USA Patriot Act as unconstitutional Thursday, saying courts must be allowed to supervise cases where the government orders Internet providers to turn over records without telling customers."

Judge declares parts of Patriot Act are unconstitutional; former judge and chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party is going to jail; student loan lender tries to buy preferred status at university; critics say BBC canceled global warming program because of political pressure; deadlock at APEC summit on global warming; Australia's wheat crop severely damaged; the Register-Guard says mining threatens national parks; United Auto Workers members oppose a health care plan that shifts costs to union; and more ... Browse our continually updating front page at http://www.truthout.org

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Former GOP Power Currin Going to Prison
Titan Barksdale, The News & Observer, reports: "As a federal prosecutor, Sam Currin spent six years prosecuting drug dealers, pornographers and other criminals. Now, he will spend nearly the same amount of time in prison himself."

Student Loan Company Tried to Buy Preferred Status at University of Maryland
Rob Tricchinelli for the Capital News Service reports that Nelnet, a leading student loan company based in Lincoln, Nebraska, attempted to obtain special placement on the University of Maryland's preferred lender list last year.

Bill Moyers Journal | Christians and the Environment
As proposed new rules may allow coal companies to expand mountaintop removal mining, Bill Moyers Journal takes viewers to the mountains of West Virginia, which are being stripped for their coal with often disastrous environmental consequences for surrounding communities, to report on local evangelical Christians who are turning to their faith to help save the earth.

Global Warming: Too Hot to Handle for the BBC
Michael McCarthy for The Independent UK reports that the BBC has scrapped a TV special on global warming planned for early next year. Environmentalists and politicians criticized the corporation's decision, which they say implies that there is no scientific consensus on the reality of climate change and its human causes.

Jeremy Leggett | Kings of the Coal Habit
Jeremy Leggett for The Guardian UK writes about the meeting in Sydney this week at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit: "Everyone who cares about the greenhouse threat should train a microscope on their [John Howard's and George Bush's] actions. The fate of human civilization will probably hinge on the fossil-fuel decisions of just six nations, and five of them are members of APEC."

Hot Winds Severely Damage Australian Wheat
Sambit Mohanty for Reuters reports that Australia's wheat crop, which makes up the bulk of Australia's exports and is the world's second-largest wheat exporter after the United States, could be two million tons lower than even the most pessimistic forecasts.

The Register-Guard | Mining Threatens National Parks
The Register-Guard writes that "among the many reasons to overhaul the nation's 135-year-old mining law, one of the most compelling is the threat to national parks throughout the West."

UAW Wary of Health Care Changes
Sharon Silke Carty, USA Today: "A growing number of United Auto Workers union members oppose a health care plan that has been hailed as the solution to many of the auto industry's woes."

Planned Parenthood Launches PR Campaign for Clinic
Amy Boerema for The Daily Herald reports on Planned Parenthood's campaign to open a clinic on Chicago's east side.

The New York Times | Consumers Left in the Cold
The New York Times writes: "The Bush administration apparently considers regulatory weakness a virtue. But in this summer of recalls, Mattel's cavalier approach is a chilling reminder of the dangers of coddling industry and starving regulators."

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