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         It's Accountability Time Scott Ritter, Fri Sep 9 22:33

o        After Katrina fiasco, time for Bush to goGary Kohls, Fri Sep 9 23:55

o        MAYDAY-MAYDAY 6 EMERGENCY REMOVAL OF SLUDGERalph C. Whitley, Sr., Fri Sep 9 22:42





         WHERE ARE THE REST??jonnisu, Fri Sep 9 20:50

o        BUSH ADMIN PLAN TO COOK BODY COUNT BOOKSCheryl Seal, Fri Sep 9 22:11

         Play blame game (Avoid the Shame Game) Susan Eleuterio, Tribun, Fri Sep 9 22:21

         the new world order Ruth Howard, Tue Sep 13 18:04





         Police Begin Seizing Guns of Civilians NY TIMES, Fri Sep 9 18:21





         9/11 - White House as Target -Explanations Explained SCOOP, Fri Sep 9 16:57




o        Concentration Camps - Last Update Michael Treis, Fri Sep 9 16:19

o        They Knew All Along...? - LA TIMES, Fri Sep 9 15:31




         New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms as Water Recedes New York Times, Fri Sep 9 14:31

o        New Orleans tragedy: The 17th street levee was bombedby : BoingBoing, Fri Sep 9 16:37





         Soldier, DON'T PULL THAT TRIGGER Under MARTIAL LAW! Voice of Conscience, Fri Sep 9 14:28





         Katrina Tales: day 12 - Aid suffers from poor directionSam Knight, Times Online, Fri Sep 9 13:59

o        New Orleans 'holdouts' to be flushed out with force Times Online, Fri Sep 9 14:22





         Court Rules U.S. Can Indefinitely Detain Citizens! Washington Post, Fri Sep 9 13:52




         WHY isNew Orleans Being DEPOPULATED?David J. Lindstedt, Sr., Fri Sep 9 11:25




         The Third and Fourth Reich TruthSeeker24, Fri Sep 9 10:31

o        Why is Blackwater USA patrolling New Orleans with M-16s?Trinity, Fri Sep 9 10:34

o        The Third and Fourth Reich Part 2TruthSeeker24, Fri Sep 9 10:33

         The Third and Fourth Reich Part 3 TruthSeeker24, Fri Sep 9 10:35





         Arafat died of AIDs-Says ISRAELIE Shills IsraOil, Fri Sep 9 10:28





         Report: Armed Mexican Troops Invade US We Have Been Sold Out !, Fri Sep 9 00:02

o        Bush surrounds Louisiana with armed Mexican troopsTotal Information, Fri Sep 9 00:37

         Operation Unison, Foreign Troops Descend upon Am Trinity, Fri Sep 9 02:21

         Some Urge Greater Use of Troops in Major DisastersWashington Post, Fri Sep 9 01:59





         Re: What's Ophelia waiting for?Dick Eastman, Thu Sep 8 19:52

o        DOD, Intel. Agencies Look at Russian Mind Control Technology Mark Tapscott, Fri Sep 9 00:00





         Remember 9/11 Congresswoman Candice Miller, Thu Sep 8 18:42

o        FEMA a/k/a REMA = $52B FOR KATRAINARandi Roads, Thu Sep 8 20:07

         Who do we blame? Frankly, it's obviousMolly Ivins, Creators syndicate, Fri Sep 9 02:10

         Disbelief - Former FEMA Officials Speak Out Posted by: wecomeinpeace, Thu Sep 8 22:38

         FEMA's Blocking Relief Efforts - An Amazing List, Thu Sep 8 21:07





         FEMA: Corrupt, Negligent, Criminal and In ChargeSteve Watson, Thu Sep 8 17:07

o        FEMAArlene Johnson, Fri Sep 9 07:19

o        HALLIBURTON WATCH.......The evil Dick Cheney Halliburton Watch, Thu Sep 8 17:44

         What the Hell Is Wrong With People That They're Not EnragedAC, Thu Sep 8 17:58





         Why do we allow 'them' to do this?Foreign Press Foundation, Thu Sep 8 11:41

o        Bush's Obscene Tirades Rattle White House Aides Capitol Hill Blue, Thu Sep 8 12:28






o        In support of your exposure of concentration camps"Gene", Thu Sep 8 12:55





         BUSH DOESN'T CARE....... nuked, Thu Sep 8 02:41

o        Oops, we done it again, AND AGAIN, AND AGAINBob Scheidt, Thu Sep 8 08:47

         WTC 1 "Sting Operation"Stephen M. St. John, Fri Sep 9 00:07





         How Tyranny Came to America--America's Post-ConstitutionalJoe Sobran, Wed Sep 7 23:49

o        I just got back from a FEMA Detainment CampValhall, Thu Sep 8 01:31

         WHY is New Orleans Being DEPOPULATED?David J. Lindstedt, Sr., Fri Sep 9 11:18





         Slowly but surely the truth of what's really, Wed Sep 7 21:01

o        Barbara Bush's Remarks Very RevealingJohn Kass, Wed Sep 7 23:13

         White House: Mrs. Bush Comment 'Personal', Thu Sep 8 00:47

o        Levee board under federal investigation before Katrina hit Judi McLeod, Wed Sep 7 22:13

         FEMA Chief Sent Help Only After Storm Hit NY TIMES, Wed Sep 7 22:36

         FEMA Chief VS Castro== Castro WINS !!! Reprint of Marjorie Cohn article, Thu Sep 8 23:51

         FEMA Aid BLOCKING efforts !!!Observer, Thu Sep 8 23:35





         Satellites are hacked cansouth, Wed Sep 7 16:54



         FLASH BREAKING NEWS - 'MEGA FLARE' COMES OUT OF NOWHERE Mitch Battros, Wed Sep 7 16:25

o        Tropical Storm Ophelia strengthens off Florida NATIONAL WEATHER ADVISOR, Wed Sep 7 16:57

o        THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA FAILED THIS NATION! Remember that!, Wed Sep 7 16:28





         Has Katrina saved US media? - Never ever believe the BBCFPF - Henk Ruyssenaars, Wed Sep 7 12:37

o        Media in 'Civil War' Cheryl Seal, Thu Sep 8 09:25

         Media in 'Civil War'Henk Ruyssenaars, Wed Sep 14 11:39

o        Bush appoints himself to investigate "Himself", Wed Sep 7 16:03





         BUSH DECLARED FEDS IN CHARGE OF DISASTER AUGUST 27 Cheryl Seal, Wed Sep 7 11:53

o        FOCUS | FEMA Chief Waited Until After Storm HitTRUTHOUT, Wed Sep 7 12:05

o        FEMA Coverup of Death Count BeginsCheryl Seal:, Wed Sep 7 11:58






         bush and accomplicesme, Wed Sep 7 01:46

o        Re: bush and accomplices Bob Scheidt, Wed Sep 7 09:21

o        Katrina Media government lies...JUST KIDDING! GOOGLE:, Wed Sep 7 03:33

o        Here It Comes - First Posse Comitatus Then The People Ralph Rowe, Wed Sep 7 02:37





         DEAR GEORIE PORGIE nukedboomer, Wed Sep 7 00:43






         KATRINA: THE BUCK STOPS HEREnukedboomer, Wed Sep 7 00:39

o        Northern Command isn't happyLt. Commander Kelly, Wed Sep 7 03:16

         Please read! -- ‘Operation Ophelia’ People's Attorney, Wed Sep 7 04:03

         ‘Operation Ophelia’ Begins In United States Sorcha Faal, Wed Sep 7 04:08 

         Re: Operation Ophelia TD, Fri Sep 9 07:55





         TERRORISTS DESTROYED NEW ORLEANS nukedboomer, Wed Sep 7 00:35

o        IN KATRINA'S WAKE Morticians prep for 40,000, Wed Sep 7 04:57





         New Orleans: The toxic timebombRalph Rowe, Tue Sep 6 23:50





         WHO'S TO BLAME FOR KATRINA?, Tue Sep 6 23:28


o        NOTE: Two Louisiana statutesJoe Gillaspie, Tue Sep 6 23:44

o        Bush to New Orleans: Drop DeadHarvey Wasserman, Tue Sep 6 23:38





         In Memoriam: William H. Rehnquist Stephen M. St. John, Tue Sep 6 21:13





         On Hearts as Big as Texas and Brains the Size of Chulafinnee James Floyd, Tue Sep 6 19:55





         MURDERERS TO BE OWN, Tue Sep 6 18:38






o        HAARP - Hurricanes and Nicola TeslaJB, Tue Sep 6 17:53

         Two Colossal Man-Made Disasters:Ben Tanosborn, Tue Sep 6 18:22





         AMERICA'S MAYORS: YOU'VE BEEN WARNEDDevvy Kidd, Tue Sep 6 13:51

o        PART 2 OF 2: AMERICA'S MAYORS: YOU'VE BEEN WARNED Devvy, Tue Sep 6 13:59

         It was a jarring, "let-them-eat-cake" moment EastMeetsWestInc, Tue Sep 6 14:20

         Bush Fails to Stem Anger T R U T H O U T, Tue Sep 6 14:42





         ***SOS***Time to tell the media what's on your mindMarsha, Tue Sep 6 12:00

o        New Orleans streets lined with poor black, Tue Sep 6 13:07

         Horrors await as floodwaters recede 2005 AAP, Tue Sep 6 18:11





         Katrina and Lucifer’s ToolsMichael Treis, Tue Sep 6 11:09





         Potemkin*: Bush fakes in New OrleansFPF + ZDF/ARD + War & Peace, Tue Sep 6 10:03





         TERRORISTS DETROYED NEW ORLEANSnukedboomer, Tue Sep 6 10:02





         100 Year War / Ali Bushba and the 50 ThievesBob Scheidt, Tue Sep 6 09:25

o        Re: 100 Year War / Ali Bushba and the 50 ThievesPatricia Johnson-Holm, Wed Sep 7 15:42

o        Ali Bushba and Feith, Wurmser, Chertoff Robert Tracinski, Tue Sep 6 13:26





         HOW OIL EFFECTS OUR LIVES nukedboomer, Tue Sep 6 05:33




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