The "Game" in Definition
Sat Sep 1, 2007 16:26

The "Game" in Definition
by Walter Burien

I bet you did not know you were so valuable from birth?

From birth, at work, or in jail, it doesn’t matter where or what stage of life you are in, your unit value will be marketed to the highest bidder for their and the State's profit. Hey, I thought they outlawed slavery in this country a century or so ago. Oh yea, I forgot the equal opportunity and civil rights amendments. Never mind, I forgot when you let the foxes write the laws on how many hens can be eaten from the hen house what happens!

PS: On a last note, take a look at:

Now try and have a good life! Really. (It can be done with a little effort, and we can do it!)
The corporate government "Machine" needs a few modifications!
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The "Game" in Definition

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