Ron Paul wins Maryland Straw Poll
Wed Sep 5, 2007 20:52

Ron Paul wins Maryland Straw Poll

Wednesday, September 05, 2007
GOP Presidential Straw Poll Is A Big Success

September 5, 2007

Maryland GOP Presidential Straw Poll Is A Big Success Grassroots Candidate
Wins Surprise Upset

ANNAPOLIS- After eleven days of presidential straw poll ballots cast at the
Maryland Republican Party's State Fair booth, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas)
was announced last night as the winner.

The Maryland Republican Party's first-ever presidential straw poll at the
State Fair resulted in nearly 1,000 Marylanders casting a vote for their
favorite Republican candidate for president. The straw poll was open to all
voting age adults regardless of party affiliation, and the voter had to be
present at the booth. The campaigns of all nine presidential candidates
appearing on the ballot were invited to have a representative at the State
Fair booth at all times. While most campaigns did not have a representative
present, the Ron Paul campaign had full representation for all eleven days.

Congressman Ron Paul came in first place with 263 votes, Mayor Rudy Giuliani
was second with 220 votes, and Senator Fred Thompson received 188 votes,
which garnered the third place spot. The rest of the votes were cast as
follows: 89 votes for Governor Mitt Romney,
54 votes for Senator John McCain, 35 votes for Governor Mike Huckabee, 17
votes for Speaker Newt Gingrich (write-in), 16 votes for Congressman Tom
Tancredo, 12 votes for Senator Sam Brownback, 3 votes for Congressman Duncan
Hunter, and 3 votes for Governor Bob Ehrlich (write-in). There were 11 other
write-in votes for individual people. There were also a number of spoiled
ballots that were not counted.

Dr. Jim Pelura, Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, released the
following statement:

"When we came up with the idea of holding our first-ever presidential straw
poll at the State Fair, we never expected such a large turnout. We were
extremely pleased by the steady flow of people casting a vote in the straw
poll, signing our petitions opposing the gas tax increase, sales tax
increase, and illegal immigration, and picking up a "Don't Blame Me.I Voted
For Ehrlich"
bumper sticker. We heard loud and clear that Marylanders are not happy with
the direction of our state under one-party rule."

Chris Cavey, First Vice Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party and
Co-Chairman of the MDGOP's State Fair Planning Committee, stated the

"The final vote showing Ron Paul won is a lesson for all campaigns of how
grassroots politics can make all the difference. The Paul campaign
repeatedly e-mailed their base of support to turn out at the State Fair to
cast a vote for Dr. Paul, and in doing so, demonstrated that a small
organized operation can beat the odds."
Cavey continued, "The Maryland Republican Party's booth at the State Fair
was a huge success. By contrast, the Democrat Party's booth was a ghost
town. Where were the Democrats? They were at our booth signing our petitions
opposing tax increases."

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