Brenda Collum Says:
RE: Just over 500 days remain in this Presidency.
Wed Sep 5, 2007 00:54

Brenda Collum Says:

Everyone, email this clip to your Senator and to you Congressal representative. Hell, email it to everyone you know and tell them to email it to their’s. And, tell them to grow some political balls, end this “game” and bring our soldiers home. NOW!!


hope Says:

gene214 @ 152:

Man, did I need that! Bravo Keith!! With my satellite service out for the next couple of days, the missus and I are reduced to the old standby - tv with rabbit ears. Had Leno on in the background, and guess who he had on? That’s right, everybody’s “favorite” cokehead psychopath - Dennis Miller. It was pathetic, even by Leno’s embarassingly low standards. Basically ole Dennis blew wet kisses to “jooliannie” when he wasn’t rambling on with his usual coke-fueled shit talk about Muslim people he wants to kill (Hey Dennis, the Army’s still looking for recruits - Suit up anytime you’re ready dude). Naturally the chimpanzees in the audience ate it up. So, thank you, C&L, for putting up the latest Olbermann Special Comment. I really, really, REALLY needed to hear a voice of sanity.

Don’t watch Dennis Miller. Your eyes will bleed.


bettestreep Says:

Sorry everyone - but Mr Keith hasn’t told us the whole truth.

Mr Bush visited Iraq en-route to the APEC summit being held in Sydney, Australia. (I’m from the far better Melbourne, Australia).

At a MASSIVE COST to taxpayers (A$300m+++), our lame duck Prime Minister is hosting world leaders including his bumchum Georgie Bush to talk about climate change, Iraq and of course trade agreements amongst other things.

Today Little Johnnie has confirmed he will - I mean Australia will - continue to support Mr Bush and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iraq War is as unpopular here than the US - but Australia must continue to support Mr Bush to ensure the US-Australia alliance is not negatively affected!

Yep - Little Johnny is scared that if we withdraw from Iraq, we will be OFFENDING Mr Bush which may in turn bite us on the bum if we ever need the US to protect us.

I am sure Canada and New Zealand are deeply worried about their alliance with the US since they have not supported Mr Bush and this unholy war from the word go!!!

It is gobsmacking to the majority of Australians that a PM who is likely to have less than 100 days in office and Mr bush has 500 - are making such decisions that affect the whole world!

Mr Bush calls Mr Howard the “man of steel” and declares him to be a great PM. Sadly for little Johnny - Mr Bush is playing both sides and will be meeting with the opposition leader (and god willing our next PM) Mr Kevin Rudd tomorrow. Mr Rudd has already stated he will be slowly withdrawing troops if he is elected.

Many of us down under are not anti-American - as some reports allege - but anti-Bush and anti-illegal and unjust wars!

We are PRAYING that this years election reward us with a PM who will no longer think it is the 1950s, will not jump everytime Mr Bush calls and will begin to govern for ALL AUSTRALIANS and not just the US, China and big business (surprise! Just like the Republicans are doing!).

We are also hoping that a Democrat will rule the US once again. There is a wealth of talent amongst the Democratic hopefuls for 2008 (I personally like John Edwards) - the Republican candidates are as embarrassing as Mr Bush is.

I too am disappointed with the Democratic congress. They should have begun impeachment proceedings against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Rice etc - but for some strange reason they have done NOTHING!!!

Thank god for people like Keith Olberhman. He isn’t afraid of speaking his mind and the truth! Bravo SIR! Nobel Peace Prize 2007 should be heading for your mantlepiece!!!

Sadly the world is now a more dangerous and depressing place to be.

And for the Bush and Howard supporters who continue to bleat that they have made the world a safer place - why then did Mr Bush require over 150 security personnel while he is in Sydney this week???? And why is Mr Howard spending millions to lock down Sydney during his visit? The fencing in Sydney reminds one of the Berlin Wall…. that’s democracy hey?

And as for peaceful protests - well Australians have been warned that if they protest they will be arrested and jailed (Yep - no trials required anymore - you are automatically guilty if you protest!).

This makes me angry - very angry.

C’mon USA - lead the way - and IMPEACH BUSH!!!!!! 


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