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This, of course, dovetails to criminal charges currently brought
against two employees of Rupert Murdoch's U.K. based News of the
World. Two officials have been charged with hacking into the
cellphone messages of Prince Charles and his sons William and Harry.

The Director of this clandestine operation was the actual editor and
chief of News of the World, Clive Goodman. Goodman, a MOSSAD agent,
as is Murdoch. Goodman at one time along with Murdoch tried to frame
anti-war British politicians Tommy Sheridan and George Galloway.

MOSSAD agent Goodman used sexual blackmail gathered for him by ex-
MSNBC talk show host Tina Brown for the purpose of blackmailing both
Sheridan and Galloway. Brown, a British Mi6 agent has been on the
secret payroll of Hillary Rodenhurst-Clinton for years.

Note: Terrorist-promoter Rupert Murdoch is Hillary's major campaign
contributor. Goodman, who had direct contact with British Mi6 had
orders from both Bush and Blair to stop Prince Charles from moving
forward on a coup which would have replaced war criminal and
Dunblaine Pedophile Tony Blair with a more moderate and mentally
stable Gordon Brown.

Note: Brown wants to remove British troops from Iraq and move the
U.K. to a more reasonable foreign policy.

It can now be said that Rupert Murdoch is a terrorist and runs a
terrorist network in the United States called Fox News. Murdoch
needs to be handcuffed, duct taped and sent to a Black Prison.
Accompanying him on this flight should be a U.S. Federal Marshall
with a guillotine.

It is clear now that Murdoch was conspiring with Bush and Blair to
scandalize Prince Charles in favor of more easily manageable Prince
Harry. It can now also be reported that the Bush-Blair-Murdoch
access is utilizing Daddy Bush's P2-CIA for the purpose of directing
espionage and blackmail versus Gordon Brown in hope of dislodging
Brown in favor of neo-con Home Secretary Reid.

Note: U.S./ French Interpol has tied Reid to the assassination of
British government WMD whistleblower Dr. David Kelly .


Summation: Sex, Lies and Videotapes. It was the ISI Pakistani Secret
Police created by Daddy Bush that ran cover for this Blair-Bush
Terrorist Ruse.

Reference wire transfers to Osama Bin Laden's Foundation and the
Carlyle Group on Sept. 11th from Pakistan and now the wire transfers
from Pakistan to the Bank of England.

Question:Where is Porter Goss? In a bank line.

Again no airline tickets were found on the alleged terrorist
suspects. So who lied to Chris Matthews of MSNBC about airline

Answer, FBI Division #5 is the Matthews source and it is now the FBI
which is in the process of sweeping up their own Egyptian informants
on U.S. soil in an attempt to silence them given the fact that FBI
Div.#5 used these stooges to interact on the Internet with the
alleged Islamic Terrorists in the U.K. aka chatter.

Note to FBI Division #5, if you cant find these stooges they are
hiding out at the Iowa Nurses Association.

P.S. How many patsies aka informants will be arrested today and
released on the same day. Answer: Call Douglas Alexander in the U.K.
He is busy writing memos on terrorists. He has experience in
fraudulent documents aka the forged British Intelligence dossier aka
Yellowcake Fraud that took American boys to their deaths based on a
lie from America's oldest enemy the British Monarchy.

Once again America's oldest enemy, the British Monarchy.
Are you listening David Frum?

--- In, Mike Ford

What color is the sky in your world? You have alot of hate for
Bush, I feel sorry for you all. A mind is a terrible thing to waste
by hatred that leads to fringe politics. Keep talking this nonsense
and you all will drive independents to the right and lose the White
House again.

Al wrote: Blair-Bush-Murdoch's Terror Ruse
Dots Connected
Plus Rupert Murdoch Spies On Prince Charles
please review the files
Bush, Blair and Rupert Murdoch along with their global media empires
have now been directly linked to a cooked up terrorist scare
borrowed right out of Project Bojinka, a 1995 FBI Div 5 Terror
script. Players included Robert Wachtel and Rami Yousf, Philippine
based Terrorist that had direct ties to 9-11 and Oklahoma City.

Item: A treason script test run? On August 6th American Flight #109
from London Heathrow to Boston Logan Airport included a family of
five, however, after the plane left Heathrow it was determined that
the father appeared on a British Mi5 No Fly Terrorst Watch List.

The pilot of Flight 109 quickly alerted the British Dept. of
Transportation requesting instructions to get clearance to return to
the U.K. The father on the Watch List had the type of liquid carry-
on that has now been described as a "terrorist weapon."

However, the British Dept. of Transportation ordered the pilot to
continue to the United States where American authorities would
apprehend the suspect.

It can now be reported that Massachusetts Governor Mitch Romney had
been briefed by the U.K. Minister of Transportation Douglas

Romney has direct financial links to the Bush Clinton Crime
Syndicate aka a CIA Proprietary named Marvelous Investments with a
correspondence linked to Key Bank in Utah.

B.C.C.I. Bank Dick(Bank of Credit and Commercial International)
Orrin Hatch (R. Utah) is the Administrator. Key Bank has financial 9-
11 links to Waymark Group of Las Vegas, Nevada as well Isley
Brokerage of Las Vegas. Ask Gwendolyn.

Note: Douglas Alexander previously headed the Dept. of E-Commerce
aka software sales in the U.K.. Alexander has been linked to the
testing of U.S. Election software aka Choicepoint Software overseas
in the U.K.. Alexander had direct communications with Election 2000
Fix Bitch Karen Hughes.

Reference: Bay Point Schools, Mel Sembler, and a June 6, 1999 email
in which Alexander and Bitch Hughes discusses the Year 2000 Election
Coup D'Etat aka the Florida Tennessee Election Projects.

Reference again Bay Point Schools and Doctor Blass.

Note: It was then Asst. Attorney General Michael Chertoff, now head
of U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, that helped lobby for P-Tech
Software pre-Sept. 11th 2001.

Note: P-Tech Software is now linked to the destabilization of the
U.S. Radar and Defense Shield on 9-11 in which U.S. Dept of Justice
War Games were used to masquerade and turn a mock drill into the
real Black Op aka the 9-11 Attack on America.

Reference: Both Vanity Fair and Lou Dobbs of CNN have now fingered
the 9-11 Treason and NORAD.

Now back to American Airlines Flight 109 folks, despite urgings of
Alexander and Romney (R. Mass.) along with MOSSAD Agent Michael
Chertoff for American Airlines Flight 109 to continue to the U.S.,
the pilot of American Airlines Flight 109 heroically took it on his
own to return the airplane to London Heathrow and secure the safety
of his passengers mainly Americans.


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