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World offers in-depth, well-researched analysis of threats from terrorism, WMD, Iran, Russia, Iraq, Latin America and throughout the world.

Ryan Mauro
Founder and Chief Analyst was founded by Ryan Mauro, the Youngest Hired Geopolitical Analyst in the North America.

The website was founded with a goal of providing information the general public does not know in an easy-to-read fashion that will not overwhelm any reader.

Many have expressed their astonishment at the low level of knowledge the average person accumulates before making a strong opinion on world events.

This is often done to accommodate their political beliefs (ex. Democrats tend to take the facts that support their anti-Bush views, while Republicans tend to take the facts that support their pro-Bush views). In conversation, we can all remember a time when we told such a strong-minded person a piece of information, which was subsequently dismissed as lies or propaganda, as it goes against the person's predetermined analysis. >more

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