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SPEAKING OF 'NUTS' - Agenda 21, in a nutshell
Sun Sep 3, 2006 03:22

From: Jim Kirwan
Sent: Saturday, September 02, 2006 2:09 PM

While this new world of corporate governance/ lobbyists/ privatization of the commons etc; seems difficult to understand (disguised as it is with buzz words – and meaningless jibberish), it’s really not as complex as one might think. After you learn how to ignore the superficial banalities, and get to the meat (if there is any) of the message being given. Most times you’ll hear just fluff and nutter talk – sounds important but isn’t.

While we naturally focus upon local issues and concerns such as community development, roads, tons of garbage, forest access, tourism, sportsmen’s rights, lack of snow, no color in foliage etc, one does need to understand the “whys” of local political decisions, and the decisions of local commissions, boards, councils, etc. There is rhyme and reason to our loss of rights, land, privacy, and public opinion.

Every American citizen, no matter where you live, must buy your county’s Plat Book. Plat Books are maps that identify the owners of each and every parcel of land in your counties. You cannot know what is going on behind the scenes unless you buy your county Plat Book.

You will then discover that most of the land in your counties is now owned by 1) state or federal government, 2) land development companies, 3) land ‘trusts’ or ‘land funds, 4) environmental organizations, and 5) large corporations.

If you are lucky enough to have several Plat Books covering a 2, 3, 5, or 10 year period (Plat Books are published annually), you will see a connection between land trusts, land development companies, land funds, and corporations. You will discover that they buy and sell to each other, and that they change the names of their organizations, and also create spin – off organizations, on a regular basis.

Then, if you go to the websites of these organizations, you will discover that they are ‘partnered” with 1) each other, 2) with larger global corporations, and 3) with environmental organizations.

In other words, you will find that the buying and selling of land in your counties is a highly organized business bureaucracy that circulates perpetuates “profit and control” between revolving door “partnerships.”

But what are “partnerships?” In a word, “business” has changed in the United States. On TV commercials, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “partners’ – and certainly in your communities you’ve heard the lofty terminology of “public – private partnerships”. It sounds nice – like cooperative business ventures for the GOOD of the public. However – this is a lie, sorry.

Partnerships, stakeholding, and NGOs ( non – governmental organizations) are America’s ( and the world’s) new governmental bureaucracy system. This system is the brainstorm of the United Nations and was defined in a document called Agenda 21, which means Agenda for the 21st Century.

Agenda 21, in a nutshell, mandated that all countries that were U.N members implement Agenda 21 requirements into their nations and governmental structures. The U.S. is a member of the U.N. and therefore we were required to implement Agenda 21.

People – mostly because they never do any research on their own, but buy everything they hear, (because it sounds good), get confused over the different language – or mostly they, shrug, and don’t care. In the U.S. (to confuse people) Agenda 21 is called by different names. We call it ‘sustainable development’, ‘sustainable communities’ (New Orleans and Mississippi have this planned now that the po’ folks are gone), ‘Local 21’, ‘Smart Growth’ and a whole bevy of other names. However all of these governmentally imposed programs and changes that we now see in our communities (world wide if you read) are upon the insistence of the U.N. as outlined in the Agenda 21 document.

First and foremost, Agenda 21 mandated there is to be NO ownership of private property (exceptions for elites) – worldwide. Maurice Strong of U.N. fame owns a whole valley sitting on a huge aquifer – Ted Turner owns the most land west of the Mississippi – you won’t, ha, see them sharing!!! The U.N. believes that all land, watershed systems, and natural resources (water) must be owned and administered by ‘government’. To American people (remember duck and cover) this is what we consider to be Communism. We believe (or did) that ownership of property is directly tied to freedom.

As the United Stats set up and is the primary financial supporter of the U.N., the U.N. had to come up with a plan to make palatable their right to confiscate our privately owned land. But how did they accomplish that plan? Masterfully, the UN, with their partners ( the World Bank, the World Trade Organizations, and the International Monetary Fund, and global corporations and groups), began funding ‘environmental’ science organizations and universities with grant dollars. By doing so, they also formed “partnerships” with eco –organizations and scientists, and a master plan evolved.

Under the direction of Agenda 21, a massive funding web of partnerships, stakeholders, and NGOs, a ‘grant – hired’ eco-doomsday scenario was created ( sounds like Iron Mountain report, huh), and served to manipulate American people into 1) giving up their privately owned properties for the good of ‘sustainable’ nature and 2) to lay the groundwork for the ‘partnership – stakeholding – NGO bureaucracy. It worked (is working) like a charm. Anyone who questions this, giving up of one’s land, is called an ‘extremist’ et al, and since nobody wants to be thought goofy, loony, crazy, or against protecting creeks, birds, turtles, frogs etc; they learn to stay quiet (or they’ll have no friends and a forever empty dance card)! You have to be a good cow.

Once you buy your county Plat Books, you will clearly see that there is next to no property left to buy in the United States. It has already been purchased by state and federal government, land development companies, large corporations, land trusts like The Nature Conservancy, and land fund organizations – all of which are ‘partnered’ together in the greatest land and natural resource confiscation scheme in the history of the world. Watch and see – don’t take my word or thousands of pages of documents as proof!

In a nutshell, we are witnessing bureaucratic nation conquering. Rather than using warfare to collect new countries and landmasses, the partnership bureaucracy is collecting world territory (check it out – indigenous people being put off their land – for nature preserves etc) via land grabbing initiatives under the United Nations and its global partners.

These initiatives are operating in every town, village, rural and wilderness area in the U.S. Most people, including politicians/officials elected and appointed, vote yes on all this stuff, never looking beneath the surface. If you asked to discuss Agenda 21 with them, you’d get a blank stare. They hear all the lofty idealism, of protecting the land for generations to come – and BELIEVE it! It’s being protected alright – but not for the kids!

Equally, the professional sciences of ‘ecology’ and ‘conservation’ were bought by the Agenda 21 system, and are now solely funded by Agenda 21 ‘partners’ in land confiscation. Not discussed by our politicians (local or otherwise) is that treaties, Memorandums of Understanding, etc trump Constitutional Laws of the U.S. Treaties trump national (local – state) law. At the state level of government, our state governors, who hope to retain the financial support of the federal government, have also agreed to implement Agenda 21 into each and every one of our 50 states.

And now we come to our local levels of government, our local colleges and universities, and our local movers and shakers, which we well know are the affluent people who are our county commissioners, councilmen (well not affluent here) and businessmen. All the affluent locals (true), in efforts to gain dollars from their state governments, and to be privy to the endless money via international, federal, and state grants for “land” ventures, have signed onto the new “partnership – stakeholding – NGO” system of business, because that new bureaucracy is how wealth, power, and money works in our New Greedy World. In truth and fact, if you aren’t part of this new governmental bureaucracy, which includes grant money and non – profit status, you are 1) NOT going to succeed financially, and 2) you are never going to gain any political or local power ( good luck).

We are losing not only our private property, but our access rights to our wilderness areas, as well. It’s all dressed up in “love of nature and/or sustainability” language, but the facts remain the same. Private property is to end, and this is why, via your county Plat Books, you will see that there is literally next to no land left for us to buy in our country. This is why you are seeing “access restrictions” being imposed daily and all across our nation. This is why we are being herded into ‘planned communities’ where we do not own the land. Agenda 21 originally defined these planned communities as “human settlements”. How many land development companies are in your areas” How many deed – restricted communities have been erected?

Today’s ‘government’ is a combination corporate – financial system, with human beings as highly controlled servants to profit. We are highly ‘managed’ (and will be more so) creatures – much like chipped and reintroduced wolves and ‘invasive’ species. Consider why anyone in their right mind, much less entire governmental departments, would agree to implement programs like large carnivore reintroduction – thereby decimating deer and other ungulates and cattle populations, nationwide. Why? To force farmers/ranchers out of business and to sell their land, and to effectively end hunting (any thought of being self sustaining) and other outdoor wilderness sports. It’s called getting the people off the land – plain and simple. Hear GWB and Kerry sing about it: http://www.humor.about.com/od/animatedwebtoons/v/dso71204.htm  JM


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