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Awakening Your Personal Power for Democracy and World Peace

Truth to Power Hour
Written by Jeff Farias

The Truth to Power Hour is a show about activism.
Each week we look at different national and local issues and how they affect Arizonans. The emphasis is on involvement. I try to inspire listeners to become involved, give concrete actions they can take to learn more and become part of the solution, and take phone calls to better reflect their concerns and opinions. I integrate music and sound bites as an entertaining and uplifting means of exploring and supporting the ideas we discuss. I'm proud to say that in the first year we have been on the air the Truth to Power Hour has spoken with more Arizona progressive candidates than any program on any station in the Valley.

This Week at TTPH

9/2/06 "The Truth To Power Hour" 1480 AM PHX AZ

This Saturday at 2:15 we will be joined by Democratic candidate Tammie Pursley from LD-18

We will also examine a recent TV ad by Jon Kyl and address the blatant lies and fearmongering contained therein.



At 3:00 we will speak to Judah Freed, author of Global Sense: Awakening Your Personal Power for Democracy and World Peace. Judah updates Thomas Paine's Common Sense to renew hope in these troubled times.

Global Sense: Awakening Your Personal Power for ...

"The Truth To Power Hour" 1480 AM PHX AZ

Media Visions Journal is an evolving electronic magazine, published on the World Wide Web, advocating a global sense of our interactivity. As a media education project, the free webzine features interviews with media visionaries along with articles, essays and forums, which altogether invite more robust public and industry conversations about the penetrating impact of the new global media networks. Media Visions is dedicated to deep media litreracy along with network democracy

Awakening Your Personal Power for Democracy and World Peace

An update of Common Sense by Thomas Paine
to renew hope in these times that try our souls

. . Foreword by THOM HARTMANN
. . . . Author of What Would Jefferson Do?
. . Preface by DAVID WANN
. . . . Co-author of Affluenza, author of Biologic
. . Afterword by Dr. VANDANA SHIVA
. . . . Author of Stolen Harvest and Earth Democracy

"Freed proposes a cultural/political Big Bang."
"An awesome work that's urgently needed for our times."
"A provocative, inspiring essay that offers fresh hope for liberty."

FOR those feeling fear, anger or despair from endless wars, the loss of our rights and liberties, or the assaults on our environment, GLOBAL SENSE by Judah Freed advocates practical idealism. Winner of the 1st Place CIPA Evvy Award for "best personal growth book of the year," GLOBAL SENSE unites spirituality and politics to show how our natural global interactivity empowers us to change the world by changing ourselves. The evolution revolution is here.


TRIUMPH over fear, anger and despair by claiming your personal power to change the world by changing yourself.

SEE how our natural global interactivity makes us powerful since everything we think, say and do affects all life on earth.

CHOOSE smart options in daily life that can help end war, restore our lost freedoms and heal our wounded planet.

CHALLENGE the hidden emotional and mental habits that drive us to give up our liberty for the illusion of security.

EXPLORE why brave men are liberating themselves from ancient cravings to dominate women and rule the world.

DISCOVER a bold vision of democracy in direct republics that can forever change how we think about government.

LEARN how progressives and libertarians can join forces to protect our natural rights and build peace through prosperity.

UNITE spiritual growth and community politics to become an aware and effective global citizen in the 21st century.

FREE REPORT: 76 Ways to Change the World (MS Word File)

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