Operation Northwoods was not a conspiracy theory
Mon Sep 4, 2006 22:40

My fellow countrymen,
Let us not forget that WE THE PEOPLE and the whole world are dealing with masters of deception, liars, and experts of political spin, half-truths and psychological warfare being largely aimed at braindead Americans through a corporate/military controlled mainstream news media.
OPERATION NORTHWOODS was not a conspiracy theory and if you do not know about this by now then you are not paying attention. The British Downing Street memo is not a conspiracy theory. The insane Zionist/Neocon PNAC is not a conspiracy theory. The fact that Zionism can be defined as imperialism as it relates to achieving global economic power and control of the banks is not a conspiracy theory.
The unconstitutional Federal Reserve System conceived in 1910 on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia is a historical fact. The Bank of England and the House of Rothchild's involvement with the surrender of the money power of the USA is not a conspiracy theory.
The fact that Rothchild is sympathetic to Zionist aspirations is a historical fact. The fact that the Israeli lobby does indeed influence American foreign policy is not a conspiracy theory. Time Magazine had better wake up. Who owns this rag anyway?
Congressman Ron Paul's statement that there are plans to establish one world government involving the CFR is not a conspiracy theory. United Nation's marriage to a Rothchild grand daughter is a reality. The United Nations conduct a satanic ritual before each meeting. This is reality my friends.
The world is in the possession of Satan and his agents, some who are known as the Illuminati, have infiltrated our governments, media, churches, courts, military forces, and law enforcement. Better learn to recognize the works of the devil fast because America is running out of time. As of March 1, 2003 Bush handed over the reins of power to Homeland Security and its Russian director Michael Chertoff.
Visit http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2003/02/20030228-8.html  and http://uweb.txstate.edu/~lf14/conspire/execu.html  and pass it on to all concerned people who do not consider themselves as useless eaters. So says Trilateralist Henry Kissenger who was instrumental in financing the ruthless Pinochet military dictatorship in Argentina. Over 30,000 dissidents were butchered without mercy.
Not a conspiracy theory just the painful truth about the evil world that we live in...On a positive note the forces of good are uniting and the gates of hell will not prevail. Better days are on the horizon.

In peace,

Daniel E. Moore, President

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