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William P. Wilson ) CASE NUMBER: 496506
Plaintiff )
v. ) Judge Judith Montgomery Hightower )

William P. Wilson notifies this court that on the day of August 21, 2007 while under duress and not being properly represented in this court by the counsel, Kelly Johnson, who is now removed from this case, and Thomas Dunne, of Associated Counsel for the Accused. Whereas William P. Wilson makes it known to this court that he does not stand under the jurisdiction of this court and the de facto corporate Judge Judith Hightower of the incorporated City of Seattle. William P. Wilson notifies this court that he does not understand what the charges are in response to when William P. Wilson was asked by Judge Hightower in the court room 903, on August 21, 2007, pertaining to this court case: 496506. It is not comprehensible how to understand charges when the incorporated City of Seattle and the City of Seattle (corporate) Court that represents the (corporate) City of Seattle has shown an extensive pattern of criminal complicity by pursuing to charge William P. Wilson with charges that are not verified, witnessed or properly founded. The City of Seattle does not have any supported reason other then to try to destroy the life and the welfare of William P. Wilson as has been shown to be continuous pattern of ignoring the circumstances of charges that have been brought against William P. Wilson, and also by failing to further protect the property of William P. Wilson, or the property that is known to be the property where William P. Wilson had resided that is located in Seattle, Washington. The party who is the known accuser known to be a Linda J. Esau, it appears is allegedly working with the City of Seattle in complicity to harass, to stalk, the residents of this residence (testimony of Michael Shupe, Patricia Johnson-Holm and Lou Holder will be submitted) and without any proper founded reason is working with the City of Seattle to have this residence abated, case: 07-046, without proper warrant and to further attempt to have William P. Wilson further forced to sustain charges that cannot be verified or supported. This court and the City of Seattle are now to made aware that this matter of continued harassment by this court and the City of Seattle is in violation of Judicial Code, as is also exemplified by the serious misrepresentation by the court assigned counsel forcing William P. Wilson, to be forced to have a court assigned Psychiatric evaluation in a jurisdiction where William P. Wilson cannot possibly be provided a fair or impartial trial by jury or by any judge and this also implies that William P. Wilson cannot be provided an impartial Psychiatric evaluation as well in this jurisdiction. Whereas the reason for this is allegedly a clear intent on the part of Judge Judith Hightower, and the City of Seattle to find William P. Wilson personally damaged by a court assigned Psychiatric evaluation in order to attempt to destroy his professional career as a professional journalist and Television news producer by having him judged as incompetent, and that this appears to be a reason that the City of Seattle is pursuing this due to William P. Wilson, reporting on his weekly Webcast, and broadcasts that are viewed by several million people every week, All Day Live, Call4Investigation, Closing the Circle, and All Ways Pursuing Truth, have been programs that have revealed large scale corruption and criminal political practices that have been on going in the Seattle, King County, and Washington State areas. One example of this clear intent to destroy William P. Wilson, by the City of Seattle is the City of Seattle failing to pursue the theft of millions of dollars in property that was stolen from William P. Wilson as is described in the King County Superior Court case: 00-2-20364-9 SEA. Due to this matter being made to this court and the failure of this court to protect the rights and the property of William P. Wilson that William P. Wilson moves this court to dismiss this case immediately in order for the City of Seattle and this court to cease and to desist in it having revealing an observable pattern of an on going and continued display of patterned in-admissible judicial criminal misconduct. This court is notified that this matter will be taken to higher court of jurisdiction then in reference to RCW 35.20 limited court jurisdiction, with further listed case histories of court corrupt practices and complicity with the Superior Court Judges, Doerty, Lasnik, and Federal Court Judge Coughenour, whereas this pattern of continued court case dismissal pertaining to theft of millions of dollars in assets from William P. Wilson clearly reveals a pattern of sustained and complicit, judicial criminal misconduct on the part of the Judiciary that resides in the Seattle, King County, and Washington State and Federal jurisdiction of Washington State. This matter of judicial misconduct will include also the court denial of William P. Wilson, to be able to see his daughter Hailey Lynn Brown, now nine years old, for period now going on for more then five years while William P. Wilson has continuously reported that this matter reveals that his daughter has been a target of on going child molestation on the part of her mother, Barbara Jean Brown, who resides at 16219 NE 19th Place, Bellevue, Wa 98008, and grandmother Shirley Talley, as that this reported by William P. Wilson that this has been carrying on with the complicity of both the Northwest judiciary and state, county, and city of Bellevue and Seattle (corrupt) law enforcement networks located here in the Northwest thus permitting the former wife of William P. Wilson, and her mother being allowed to run a Lesbian Prostitution operation. Restraining orders were issued when William P. Wilson had discovered this so to silence William P. Wilson and to allow this criminal activity to be allowed to continue and William P. Wilson was further issued a restraining order and then without any proper verification William P. Wilson was then issued a restraining order violation to further this damage to both himself and to his daughter that he tried to notify the proper authorities of this on going child molestation and lesbian prostitution operation being operated by his former wife and his daughter's grandmother. These matters resided by the court of Redmond Washington and by the King County and Seattle authorities and courts of law and all matters have been continuously ignored by these courts and authorities. These matters were reported over the past four years on all of the Television news programs that William P. Wilson either produces or co-produces. Case: CR 32357, King County District Court State of Washington East Division, Redmond Washington. A list of all cases and these matters are now attached to case: CV 98 35303 Joiner 1, and to Class Action case: 06-CV-460 that clearly reveal a pattern of corrupt judicial, administrative, and law enforcement complicity and (serious) corrupt practices here in the Seattle, King County, Washington State, and the Federal District Courts of Western Washington.

This Court and the City of Seattle are working in complicity with the court assigned Public Defender Kelly Johnson, Thomas Dunne, and Associated Counsel for the Accused who have failed to provide William P. Wilson with a police report. A police report that would reveal to William P. Wilson te validity of these charges. When William P. Wilson lawfully requested to read the testimony of the party who is known to be Linda Esau who resides at 157 Fulton St., Seattle, Washington 98109. he has been continuously denied access to this report. These matters are further Pursuant to future court submitted exhibits that will be filed with this court that will reveal a pattern of the (corporate) City of Seattle, et al., the Seattle Municipal Court working in complicity to defame and to destroy the reputation of William P. Wilson while also carrying on observable criminal judicial misconduct.

This court is now moved to immediately drop all charges against William P. Wilson and to immediately cease and desist on all housing abatement activity and charges pertaining to Seattle Municipal Court case: 07-046. This matter is being considered for further filing in Federal Court due to the damages already incurred by this court, the City of Seattle, the party named as Linda Esau, the Public Defender named Kelly Johnson, Thomas Dunne, and Associated Counsel for the Accused.

This case: 496506, and house abatement case: 07-046, are based on the biased and unfounded testimony of a party who is also seeking to have the home of Lou Holder located at 2716 Warren Ave. N., Seattle Washington abated and the City of Seattle and the Seattle Municipal Court of Seattle, and Judge Judith Hightower are notified to cease and to desist on this matter and immediately drop all charges and all court proceedings.

Signed: ______________________________ date:________________
Plaintiffs Signature

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