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All-America Ron Paul Walk - Aug 26, 2007
Sat Aug 25, 2007 16:02

All-America Ron Paul Walk - Aug 26, 2007
Posted August 23rd, 2007 by manystrom
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All-America Walk in Support of Ron Paul’s Freedom Message
Sunday, August 26, 2007

For more information and to get involved:

There are now 20 states with either planned participation in the August 26th nationally coordinated event or in the planning stages. Go to http://www.RonPaulRadio.US/allamericawalk.html  and see the list at the right hand side of the page. There was a great teleconference on Saturday and 4 more states joined the list on the call.

If you have planned or are planning an activity in ”Support of Ron Paul’s Freedom Message”, PLEASE put it on your calendar on your Meetup group and email  with a link to the calendar entry to be included on the list of participating states. This helps us build momentum and gives us a better profile as we do outreach to media.

Examples of planned activities:

Please note that although this is being referred to as a "walk", some groups are looking at other creative forms of participation other than "walking". And that's great (though walking a long distance for a candidate does make a particular statement).

Here is a great video of Kelly Halldorson’s walk which inspired this whole thing. Must see! If one person can do so much, what can hundreds or thousands do?


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