3rd SPP summit shrouded in secrecy
Sun Aug 19, 2007 14:15

Bush's SPP (NAU) Summit in Quebec, Canada
next week (Aug 20-21) shrouded in secrecy

So far this week, the CFR-controlled, dominant, dinosaur, American media
has amazingly (though not surprisingly), continued its characteristic blackout
of news coverage for an upcoming serious NWO globalist intiative, i.e., the
August 20-21 SPP / NAU Summit between the North American continent's
three national leaders - Bush / Calderon / Harper.

Watch and listen over the next five days as the CFR-controlled US media
works to ignore / distract / minimize / trivialize / and put "newspeak" spin
on this hugely significant story of the North American continent's three
national leaders continuing to build the organizational structure to link
the United States, Mexico, and Canada, in a manner similar to the already
existent European Union. This is a threat to the borders, sovereignty,
and the integrity of the founding documents and freedoms of America.

For coverage of the upcoming SPP Summit events between the three North American national
leaders (Bush - America, Calderon - Mexico, and Harper - Canada), including planned protests
and demonstrations, check several stories which have already been reported in The Ottawa Citizen
so far ( ). World Net Daily ( especially, and
also CNSNews ( are news sources which have also posted coverage of this
important meeting which further subverts the national sovereignty of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Steve Lefemine
Columbia Christians for Life
August 17, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

3rd SPP summit shrouded in secrecy
Bush to interrupt Texas vacation to join Mexican, Canadian leaders


SPP North American summit of leaders shrouded in UFO-style secrecy
Canadian National Newspaper, Canada - Aug 16, 2007
by Paul Chen There are two central questions that are associated with the planned Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Summit of the leaders of Canada, ...

Secretive SPP Summit is expected to take place in the vicinity of the now U.S. owned Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello.

Summit protesters accuse police of 'instigating violence'
Weekend arrests will encourage resistance, they say

Andrew Thomson
The Ottawa Citizen

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Area protest leaders have sharpened their rhetoric in preparation for potential blowback against demonstrations planned for next week's North American leaders' summit in Montebello.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, U.S. President George W. Bush, and Mexican President Felipe Calderón are due to meet Monday and Tuesday at the Château Montebello. The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), aimed at harmonizing continental trade, security measures and government regulations, is expected to loom large on the agenda.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have informed groups that two "protester areas," capable of holding 2,000 people, will be set aside east and west of the posh resort, which is being blocked off as a security zone with reinforced fencing. The Ottawa River will also be patrolled and boats could be stopped.

Yesterday, Federico Carvajal of People's Global Action (PGA) Bloc Ottawa accused police of already using scare tactics.

"The police are instigating violence," Mr. Carvajal said during a downtown news conference with several protest organizers. "They are attempting to demobilize people."

PGA Bloc organizers Dan Sawyer and Matthew Morgan-Brown were arrested Saturday after a downtown demonstration. Ottawa police claim several in the crowd were confrontational and aggressive, and Mr. Sawyer was later charged with assaulting police.

The incident will only encourage greater resistance, Mr. Carvajal said, calling the SPP project a "racist fortress" destined to accelerate the planet's destruction.

"I expect (police) to be as repressive as usual," he said, dismissing their efforts at outreach with protest organizers as "propaganda."

Liaison officers from the Ottawa, Gatineau, and Ontario Provincial Police forces attended yesterday's news conference. They, along with RCMP officers, are holding public information sessions this week at City Hall for downtown residents.

Fifty protesters were arrested during the G20 summit here in November 2001. Many accused police of using extraordinary force.

The federal government also reimbursed several downtown businesses for losses sustained during the summit, including smashed windows along Bank and Rideau streets. Lost revenue was estimated at about $10 million during the two-day meeting.

This year's organizers are touting their events as "family-friendly," even though there were no guarantees against property damage or vandalism.

"Our anger is not directed at local people," said Celeste Côté, a spokeswoman for the Ottawa-Outaouais Stop the SPP Committee.

"Our anger is directed at the (SPP) agreement. I don't think there's anything to fear from that."

Ms. Côté pointed out that protesters caused no property damage during Mr. Bush's last visit to Ottawa in December 2004.

Planned demonstrations will also include:

- "Bike to Bush," a bicycle caravan planned between Jacques Cartier Park in Gatineau and Montebello, is an eco-friendly statement according to organizer Eloi Bureau.

- Council of Canadians chairwoman Maude Barlow will lead a procession to the hotel's main gate to deliver a 10,000-signature petition against the talks.

A lunchtime picket is planned for today outside the Canadian Council of Chief Executives office on Bank Street. The council is the Canadian secretariat of the North American Competitiveness Council, a collection of CEOs from all three countries, designed to advise the SPP process.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sawyer, 32, hopes for a court hearing before the summit to overturn the conditions of his release from police custody earlier this week.

He was told to specifically avoid protesting the SPP in Montebello and Ottawa, regardless of the event. His next court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 13.

"We're confident that once it gets in front of a judge, it will be thrown out because it's a blatant violation of my Charter rights," Mr. Sawyer said yesterday.

"It's clear they just don't want me going to Montebello."
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