No Autopsies in Flight 77???
Mon Aug 20, 2007 04:53

I realize that most who are looking at this post scan it and for various reason , time restraints etc., do not delve into the links.
My main thrust is simply this.
http://pilotsfor911truth.org/ has confirmed that Flight77 did not hit the Pentagon yet We have autopsies,in this case, from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology How can this be??
Another odd thing is the autopsies from the WTC There were only 6 pathologist working for the coroner at the time, it
would be impossible for them to perform the work needed
and keep up with all the other duties of their position
yet I can find no indication of who actually did the forensics needed to do the job.
Who helped the coroner?? Why is it never mentioned??
In Shanksville ,the Somerset County coroner says
"no autopsies were performed"..so how were the victims identified??? and one last thing which is odd
The first people to arrive for the clean up were from W R Grace company which is owned and operated by the Illuminati
The autopsies are critical information Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon..how are there autopsies??
Read the last link..it talks about the passengers
Analysts from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington matched remains to seven crew members and all 33 passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in Shanksville after passengers struggled with the hijackers.

At the Pentagon, military medical examiners linked remains to 179 victims, including passengers aboard American Airlines Flight 77 and people working in the facility. Five people who perished at the Pentagon could not be matched to remains.

Medical examiners then secured DNA from victims' personal items, such as hairbrushes, and matched it against bone and tissue fragments collected at the crash scenes, says Brion Smith, director of the military's DNA registry at the time. New York City officials were unable to complete a final list of those killed until In New York City, medical examiners used DNA profiles furnished by the FBI to match body parts with three of the 10 hijackers who crashed there.

On October 26, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology DNA lab in Rockville, Maryland, which was tasked with identifying the victims using DNA testing, confirmed that 34 of the 44 people alleged to have been on Flight 93 had been identified.

Officials claimed that the remains of all but one of the people on Flight 77 were identified. Human remains were shipped to the mortuary at Dover Air Force Base and to the DNA Identification Laboratory in Rockville, Maryland for identification by forensic pathologists and anthropologists. Two of the forensic scientists who were enlisted in the effort were Drs. Douglas Owsley and Douglas Ubelaker, both of whom were also involved in the identifying the mutilated remains of the victims of the Waco Massacre

11/13/01 update:

The Defense Department confirmed today that two more remains had been recovered and identified, bringing the number of unaccounted-for victims who have been positively identified to 120 http://www.gordon.army.mil/ac/fall01/unacount.htm

STONYCREEK, Pa. -- The FBI said yesterday that it has finished its work at the crash scene of United Flight 93 after recovering about 95 percent of the downed airliner and concluding that explosives were not responsible for bringing it down.

At the same time, the Somerset County coroner said that he has ended his own search for remains of the 44 people aboard the airliner. "It's been very thorough," Coroner Wallace Miller said of the recovery effort....: ....there were no autopsies.


Now, the probe of the Sept. 11 crash is in the hands of investigators examining the jet's so-called black boxes for a better sense of what happened during the hijacking.

In the meantime, Miller will oversee the task of matching remains with the names of people aboard the jetliner. So far, doctors, dentists and forensic scientists have made 11 matches.

"I don't think it's appropriate to say with certainty that we can identify all the individuals on board," Miller told reporters yesterday.



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