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Congressman Paul dismissed by Fox News
Mon Aug 13, 2007 02:55

Congressman Paul dismissed by Fox News

Congressman Paul dismissed by Fox News because their 'Poster Boy For President', Rudy Giuliani, didn't win. Giuliani's firm, 'Giuliani & Co., represent the parent company of Fox, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Telephone polls used by major media usually consist of only 500-1000 people. In the Fox poll 40,000 people were polled.

Why is the MAJOR MEDIA so afraid of letting YOU hear Congressman Paul's message? He DOMINATES the web!

If they really hate Ron Paul, we'll make sure they get a special mention here at - "...they hate us for our FREEDOMS!

The Objective - The Republican Nomination

Your goal when promoting Ron Paul is to get people to register Republican, if necessary where you live, and to vote for Dr. Paul in the primary election or caucus. Please click on this link: [1] to easily register as a Republican voter.
Getting Started

1) First sign up for bulletins from the Ron Paul 2008 Campaign:

2) Next, sign up with a meetup group if there is one in your area. If there is none, consider starting one!

3) Donate!

4) Learn the "rules of engagement." They are not actually rules, but rather very good suggestions from the campaign office. Here is a good video: The video is rather lengthy, so set aside a hour or so, and take notes. Here are some of the high points:

- Contributions must be made through official campaign channels. There is legal advice at the beginning of the video linked above. To keep yourself out of trouble, listen to it!

- Work locally. A campaign is won county by county.

- Avoid talking about policy and issues with news people. Talk about what your group is doing and how enthusiastic and hard-working you all are. Smile and listen! Be friendly and outgoing, but avoid specifics. Be sure they know you are not with the official campaign. Avoid press-releases or any printed material that does not come from the campaign. The smiling, friendly news people will not have words to twist.

- The rules for news people are good for citizens too. Listen and smile. Encourage people to learn about Ron Paul's policies on their own. Never ever argue. Never. If you "win", you lose.

Help Pages

* Volunteer HowTo - Learn how to become a grassroots supporter of Ron Paul .
* Volunteer Resources - Fliers, Banners, etc.
* Activism HowTo - Learn how to more effectively approach people about Ron Paul.

Individual Action

-Contact your friends and family first. Get them involved.

-Get some fliers and cards. Distribute them at flea markets, fairs, or where ever there are people.

You can obtain free artwork and even materials here:

Fill out the Information Survey

-Put yard signs in your yard and encourage others to do so. The campaign says yard signs are far more effective than signs on public property.

-Make signs (homemade proves you care) and put them in public places. Recognition is everything! Be sure to obey all laws.

-Learn the specifics of the primary or caucuses in your state.
Primary, Caucus Information and Republican Registration for Individual States

The task at hand is getting the Republican Nomination. Depending on where you live, if you are not registered as a Republican, you may need to change your registration so you can vote for Ron Paul in the Primary.

See Primary and Caucus State Information for more details.
Misc Pages

* Polls - Show support online for Dr. Paul with this list of polls and more!
* Blogs - List of blogs that are friendly to Dr. Paul.
o SWICKI Ron Paul Presidential Campaign 2008 - Add the Ron Paul Swicki search engine to your site or blog
* Petitions - Show your support for Ron Paul
* Activism and Community - Ron Paul initiatives from every corner of the Web!
* Issues - The issues that Dr. Paul supporters care about.
* Video - YouTube & Google video you can watch then forward to a friend.
* Other Candidates - Are there any other candidates running for the House or Senate with views similar to Ron Paul that need support?
* Chatbot - info on the chatroom bots
* [[2]] - Map of people who support Ron Paul

* [[3]] - Raise $10M for Paul, Pledge $1,000


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