This clarifies: Congress has no say on Exec. Orders.
Wed Aug 15, 2007 16:53

This clarifies: Congress has no say on Exec. Orders.

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Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 21:03:01 +0000
From: Legal Reality
This clarifies this quite a bit, in that it's the "preparation" for that
type of event, rather than the occurrence of such an event, that she
must have been talking about.


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Subject: Re: In ref. To your 8/9/7 email re: FIJA
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 13:30:59 -0700
From: Carolyn Fumia
To: Legal Reality

The idea of GW having any juris over all folks in the US, obviously
needs to be presented in court as Congress has no say on Exec. Orders.
It is a strange time we are in... The military also has a 600 pg.
Manual to proceed with martial law here, killing, removing all of the
insurgents... From their homes, etc... I don't see this actually
happening. It is just that the shadow gov is getting scared.... And we
have good men in the military who will never do such a thing. They are
the ones who leaked the info. Out. There are some ways of handling
stuff that will go un-noticed and still keep one sovereign. Like
signing the passport/driver's license and putting, "Without Prejudice"
after the signature, and other such things that can help one legally in
times like this. Best thing, move to calmer shores!! Remember that
this is the "end game" and the truth/light/God will win without
question. The energies are intense now. I was researching becoming a
foreign national because I need to renew my passport and take issue with
saying I am a US Citizen as I do not live in Puerto Rico, Guam or DC and
I am not a permanent resident, rather a temporary resident. On the
passport application, you are required to lie. Found another
solution.... Tracing my Native American genealogy as they are not
subject to fed laws.

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/*From:*/ Legal Reality
/*Date:*/ 08/14/07 16:50:01
/*To:*/ Carolyn Fumia
/*Subject:*/ Re: In ref. To your 8/9/7 email re: FIJA

What you're sharing with me here is news to me. I had not heard that
before. Thank you for the information.


Carolyn Fumia wrote:

> *Are you aware that foreign nationals vs. US citizens were recently
> gathered up and executioned at an army detention camp in southern
> Arizona?? Check out also the new executive orders by GW. He is now
> claiming charge of all persons in the United States in small letters,
> and it matters not if they are citizens. If they do not agree with
> the takeover of Iraq, they are insurgents.*
> **
> *From:* Legal Reality
> *Date:* August 9, 2007 8:57:09 AM PDT
> *To:* Legal Reality
> >>>
> *Subject:* *Why FIJA has changed nothing*
> 9 Auust A.D. 2007
> The Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) has quite the organization
> and a lot of information.
> What they don't have in an understanding of the problem on which they
> focus. To solve a problem, we must first identify it correctly.
> They can tell us all about /Georgia v. Brailsford/, 3 U.S. (3 Dal.) 1
> (1794), and related judicial discussions, which we do need to read and
> understand. /See/
> They can tell us about Lysander Spooner's "An Essay on the Trial By
> Jury," which we do need to read and understand. /See/

> And they can tell us all about this document called the Declaration of
> Independence, and this other document called the Constitution, again,
> documents we all need both to read and to understand.
> However, what they have missed is the obvious. The "obvious" is the
> evidence of "choice of law" that screams at us every day.

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