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Alex Jones Debates Martial Law on CBS-San Antonio
Thu Aug 16, 2007 19:40

Alex Jones Debates Martial Law on CBS-San Antonio | August 16, 2007

KENS 5 in San Antonio had Alex Jones on a Sunday news talk show to discuss martial law with counter-guest Jeff Addicot, identified as a "terrorism expert." The topic centered around the recent addition of PDD-51, parts of which are classified and even Congress has not been allowed to see all of it. While Addicot claimed ignorance on the secrecy before Congress, he made effort to quash worry of the plans, assured that continuity of government plans encompassed 'all three branches of government' and was not the 'boogie man.'

The program's host Joe Conger admitted he didn't like having his liquids inspected at the airport, but suggested that it was this unpleasant surrender of civil liberties that has kept us safe since 9/11.


Nancy Levant
August 14, 2007


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