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Paul Presidential Odds
Thu Aug 9, 2007 23:32

Ron Paul Presidential Odds
From When it comes to Presidential odds and interest in them, nobody in the race can hold a candle to Republican Dr. Ron Paul (Art by David Dees - as seen on Jeff Rense Program)

Category: Politics - In a nutshell, popularity for 2008 Presidential candidate Ron Paul is massive. In fact, articles on Dr. Paul featured at now rank among the most read. Nearly 10,000 unique views were registered for Ron Paul-related articles on a single day, August 8. pieces are frequently picked up by dozens of websites across the Net that focus on Ron Paul's campaign. With this type of popularity, it should come as no surprise that would reduce Ron Paul's odds from 200 to 1 to 8 to 1 in just a three month period. Six months ago, Dr. Paul was not on's Presidential Odds menu.

Following a Republican debate on August 5, Ron Paul enjoyed some of his most extensive mainstream press exposure yet. An ABC news poll had Paul winning that debate.

While it can be argued that most of Ron Paul's buzz is being generated over the Net and that those living outside the Web may not know much about him, it can also be said that these same people not familiar with Paul probably know little of the bigger name candidates either. It's just too early in the race.

Ron Paul recently spoke with Gambling911 regarding his stance on Internet gambling regulation.


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