dave connors
No Fed Jurisdiction?-County!
Mon Aug 13, 2007 01:16

Perhaps any challenges to the [obviously rigged-why would only HALF of the people who paid to vote , vote???BS!] vote in Iowa should be addressed in the County Court with allegations of FRAUD and its resultant injury to Ron Paul, et al. f The fed Govt has no jurisdictioon inside the States.See US Const Art 1 sec 8: Congress' laws apply only .." in such District [i.e, DC] ..NOT EXCEEDING 10 miles Square.." Hence, the Fed judge stated this in essence when he ruled:
"..no previous legal rulings show that an unofficial straw poll offered by a private political entity is a public[federal] election entitled to constitutional protections." IE., a US-wide federal election , for federal officials like president, etc. , could perhaps be subject to fed injunction if brought in DC or in a US District Court. The feds are always trying to stealthily expand their jurisdiction by deception /"emergencies". Perhaps a suit in a County Court -since no actual federal voting/elections occurred -would be more apropos and would be vs. the "..private political entity.." that employed the fix-I mean the (decertified, proven "faulty")Diebold scam machines. I'm not a legal expert, but there should be some remedy with the proper Cause of Action(s) in the proper venue and jurisdiction!

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