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FMNN has carried several articles on the use of Diebold vote machines
for the Iowa Straw Poll. Details are not available as of this report,
but apparently one of the controversial machines malfunctioned, causing
a hand recount of some 1,500 votes.

There have been suspicions in the past over the Iowa Straw Poll. An FMNN
feedbacker writes:

“I was there (at a previous Iowa Straw Poll) supporting Pat Buchanan.
Let me tell you something, we had the Teamsters bus in support for the
campaign. I worked in the food tent, and the line literally never
receded for the Buchanan camp. However, Elizabeth Dole had virtually no
supporters whatsoever. Magically, she came in like second or third. I
remember thinking to myself back then that it was like we were competing
against ghosts.

Supporters of Ron Paul issued the following letter before the Straw
Poll, August 11.

Everything we are all doing is going to be brought to NAUGHT if the
Diebold computers - being used to 'count' the votes at the Iowa Straw
Poll - are used to STEAL the Straw Poll Election … Diebold computers
[are] easily hacked, easily rigged, -- and totally unreliable for
conducting elections. And this is old news, several authoritative
studies have already shown this from MIT, Cal Tech, Princeton
University, and numerous other sources. Search "Diebold Princeton
University" on YOUTUBE - and you can see a 9 minute demonstration. Add
"FOX News" to the search - and there is another 3 minute demonstration
by these scientists on FOX News. Citizens for a Fair Vote Count and
allies are conducting a verification EXIT POLL at the Ames Straw Poll.
We're asking all Ron Paul people who vote in the Ames Straw Poll in the
official election on the easily rigged Diebold Machines - to cast a
second "ballot" in our exit poll. IF WE COME UP with 5000 Ron Paul exit
poll ballots - the Iowa GOP better not say he only got 2000 votes! Get
the point?


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