by kos
My YearlyKos keynote address
Sun Aug 5, 2007 14:23

My YearlyKos keynote address
by kos
Sat Aug 04, 2007 at 09:20:17 PM PDT

Click through for my remarks as delivered Saturday, August 4, at the YearlyKos convention in Chicago -- the last YearlyKos convention.

Given how big our movement is growing, it's great to see YearlyKos grow from its humble origins to the new, mighty, Netroots Nation. This movement is bigger than any one site, and the conference will definitely reflect that.

As for me, apparently I'm obsolete. (GBCW diary coming soon.)

Update: Here's video of the speech, courtesy of PoliticsTV:

My YearlyKos keynote address


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Today's article and item links:

* IMPEACHMENT: The Impeachment Imbroglio: Sheehan, Conyers, Pelosi, and Feingold: Did you know; “The notion that John Conyers or Nancy Pelosi can make impeachment happen is mistaken, (John) Nichols says. "The way Jefferson and Madison set it up, it's supposed to be an organic process--it comes from people slowly convincing individual members to step up."

* MORE IMPEACHMENT: Conyers: 3 More Congress Members and I'll Impeach: According to David Swanson "...this target of three more members seems perfectly doable. It's safe to assume, I think, that we're talking about impeaching Cheney first. But, even if Conyers is talking about Bush, the target is perfectly achievable."

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