Harry S. Truman
The President's News Conference of August 8th, 1945
Wed Aug 8, 2007 21:54

Harry S. Truman
The President's News Conference of August 8th, 1945

THE PRESIDENT. I have only a simple announcement to make. I can't hold a regular press conference today; but this announcement is so important I thought I would call you in.

Russia has declared war on Japan! That is all!

[Much applause and laughter, as the reporters raced out]

Debating the American Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb
He concludes that the bomb was dropped in 1945 to "shorten the war, .... Japan on August 15th and not on August 8th has they had originally agreed to. ...


Atom Bomb essays
Atom Bomb. On August 6th and August 8th year 1945, the US has once again surprised and astounded the whole world when they introduced the most powerful ...

Because of the atomic bombing, there were no newspaper reports in hiroshima for August 7th and 8th of 1945. The "The Hiroshima Tokuho" (the phantom ...


Congress is responsible for helping to ensure that any powers used by the Executive Branch are focused, effective and protect our civil liberties. The NSL powers fail that test. Their focus is too diffuse. The anecdotal evidence of their effectiveness is disproportionately small compared with the extent of their use and the invasion of privacy they represent. Civil liberties have not been adequately protected. The implementation of the requirements for using these intrusive powers was sloppy. The weak procedures intended to provide some protection were circumvented hundreds of times and this happened at FBI headquarters.…This is a substantial failure. An “F.” (excerpt from Lisa Graves’ Testimony)


Hiroshima: Sec. of War Henry Stimson's Aug. 8, 1945 Memo
August 8, 1945 at 10:45 AM. I [Sec. of War Henry Stimson] did not get in until ... I told him the problem of the effect of the atomic bomb on the necessary ...


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