Thu Aug 2, 2007 14:33

>From the desk of Caroline Fredrickson
Director, ACLU Washington Legislative Office
Congress needs to hear from you right now -- before they grant the
president new spying powers:

Dear Friend,

We need you to take action right now -- before Congress sells
out our privacy:

President Bush is facing more resistance than he expected as he tries
to undo oversight for NSA spying. This morning, The Los Angeles
Times exposed that the Bush Administration's real motivation is
a disagreement with the top-secret FISA court that limits spying
abuses. If Congress gives Bush what he wants, those legal limits won't
be in his way.

Take action right now -- before Congress sells out our privacy:

Thanks to your phone calls, Democratic leaders in Congress are
re-evaluating their stance on Bush's proposed overhaul of the
spying rules. But the fight is not over. We need you to keep

President Bush wants Congress to give Attorney General Alberto
Gonzales exclusive power to decide who is "reasonably believed
to be outside the United States" and to force Internet and
telecommunications companies in the United States to comply with
requests for data or access to emails and phone calls without warrants
and without court review. That low standard and lack of accountability
will undoubtedly sweep up the phone calls and emails of Americans who
are on the other end of the communication, putting our privacy at

Make no mistake, if Congress doesn't take a stand now, Bush will
continue to bulldoze over Congress and play on lawmakers'
timidity and political calculation in the months ahead. No president
should have powers to spy on Americans' emails or phone calls
without individual warrants, period.

Take Action Now Before Congress Sells Out Our Privacy:

Democratic leaders in Congress now claim they won't put
Gonzales in charge of spying. And they also claim they won't
agree to any "compromise" on NSA surveillance unless the
rules require warrants in some form to spy on Americans, and some
court review.

But details remain murky. There is still a very real danger Democrats
will go along with much of what the administration has been pushing
for, putting our telephone and email communications at risk.

We face extraordinary circumstances, so we are asking you to keep the
pressure on. Congress is set to vote on this today or tomorrow, before
they go home for recess.

Take Action Now Before Congress Sells Out Our Privacy:


Caroline Fredrickson
ACLU Washington Legislative Office

P.S. Your phone call today will help send a strong message that we
expect our members of Congress to protect our privacy. Please, call
your representative today:

Then, tell your friends:

You can read this morning's Los Angeles Times article here:

ACLU, 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor New York, NY 10004



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