Kat Hak Sung
The real terrorist
Thu Aug 9, 2007 15:26

The real terrorist

The war on terror is created by the Inside group. It is a terror war on people. Al Qaida is a puppet tool of US intelligence. A lot of people have recognized 911 was a false flag "terror attack". That's why you saw 911 attack targetted at civilians, even the victims in Pentagon were mostly civilian staffs and contractors. The Bali bombing targetted civilians' night club. Madrid bombing targetted at civilians, so did London bombing. And most evident case are the bombing case in Iraq. Al Qaida used to bomb the market, causing hundreds deaths of innocent people. All the bombers died in attack, no one survived. We were told by government they were Al Qaida. Is that too convenient to attribute all the crimes to someone unknown? This government can do whatever they want. For what reason Al Qaida focus at innocent people? There is only one reason: to instigate the indignation so the ruling class can get whatever they want.

Can Iraq return to peace? Yes, if CIA and Pentagon controlled Insurgence and Al Qaida stopping to attack people. But then US has no reason to stay in Iraq. Remember, they need troops there for more war: Iran and Iraq.

Can US remain safe? Yes, if US and Israel intelligence stopped activate false flag terror attack at people. But then the Inside Group lost its way to squeeze power and money from people.

I need power and money, you don't give me? All right, then taste 911 attack, anthrax attack, DC sniper shooting spree. ...... You have to approve "Patriot Act", "Iraq war authorization Bill", double Pentagon Budget, release military fund for Iraq......

They can achieve victory at any time if they needed (by stopping false flag attack) to save its popularity and win President election. But they can also start "terror attack" at any time to ask for more power and money. That's the truth of US politics.

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