by Valtin
Stunning CIA admissions re subverting democracies
Mon Aug 7, 2006 00:00

Stunning CIA admissions re subverting democracies
by Valtin
Sat Aug 05, 2006 at 09:16:18 PM PDT
In 1999, President Bill Clinton, with the strong support of his
Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, "ordered national security
agencies to review for declassification documents that shed light on
human rights abuses and other acts of political violence in Chile
between 1968 and 1990" (Link). Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D) of
New York sponsored a bill to do just that, and amazingly it passed,
becoming known as the "INTELLIGENCE AUTHORIZATION ACT of 2000".

While never reported on Daily Kos, to my knowledge and with diligent
search, the CIA, despite the protestations of then-CIA Director
George Tenet, coughed up a lot of documents, and a report was
produced. This report can be found at the U.S. State Department
Freedom of Information Act Reading Room, as well as on the servers
of the CIA itself!
With controversies on fair elections in Mexico and the United States
in the news right now, we need to learn about U.S. government crimes
against democratic process, made IN THEIR OWN WORDS. Maybe it was
things like this that made the GOP and the Right hate Bill Clinton
so much. Here's what you should have known six years ago....

Valtin's diary :: ::
Given the nature of electoral controversies in both Mexico and the
United States, it is essential that we understand the track record
of the United States in undermining democracies. The coup in Chile
in the 1970s was a text book case, involving secrets held within the
government, CIA black propaganda, recruitment of officers abroad,
pay offs, kidnappings, arming of groups, subversion and manipulation
of the electoral process, involvement by U.S. telecommunications
companies, and the overthrow of elected governments.

I will heavily excerpt, bolding statements or sections I find
especially important or revealing. I strongly recommend everyone go
and read this report for themselves; it is not too long. Use either
the State Department link or the CIA link, "CIA Activities in Chile".

In the CIA's own summary of Chilean activities, they minimized their
culpability, maintaining they did not assassinate Allende; they may
have supported the junta, but did not help Pinochet become
President; and finally, admitting that CIA agents or military agents
were involved in human rights abuses, but that CIA personnel
used "then-current guidance for reporting such abuses and admonished
its Chilean agents against such behavior".

The bulk of the report, however, is a damning brief, detailing many
years of U.S. subversion of a democratic Latin American country. As
you read the following, think of what you read, and have read, about
Mexico in the press. The same could go for the electoral situation
in the United States. (The next hot situation, primed for U.S./CIA
intervention, is Cuba.)

In fact, the actions detailed herein represent a prima facie case of
symptomatic behavior such that one can strongly suspect the United
States of such behavior abroad and at home. (When you have time,
read about the U.S. influence in the recent Iraq elections, or go
back and study CIA influence in the 1948 Italian general election.)

The CIA and Chilean Democracy

At the direction of the White House and interagency policy
coordination committees, CIA undertook the covert activities
described below. There were sustained propaganda efforts, including
financial support for major news media, against Allende and other
Marxists. Political action projects supported selected parties
before and after the 1964 elections and after Allende's 1970

Sounds innocent enough, kinda, huh? Let's look at their list:

In April 1962, the "5412 Panel Special Group" --- a sub-cabinet body
charged with reviewing proposed covert actions --- approved a
proposal to carry out a program of covert financial assistance to
the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) to support the 1964
Presidential candidacy of Eduardo Frei.


In December 1963, the 5412 Group agreed to provide a one-time
payment to the Democratic Front, a coalition of three moderate to
conservative parties, in support of the Front's Presidential

In April 1964, the 5412 Group approved a propaganda and political
action program for the upcoming September 1964 Presidential election.


In 1967, the CIA set up a propaganda mechanism for making placements
in radio and news media.


In the runup to the 1970 Presidential elections, the 40 Committee
directed CIA to carry out "spoiling operations" to prevent an
Allende victory.

OK. You've heard all this before. But not as an offical statement of
the U.S. government. -- But it gets better (or rather, worse).

As part of a "Track I" strategy to block Allende from taking office
after the 4 September election, CIA sought to influence a
Congressional run-off vote required by the Constitution because
Allende did not win an absolute majority.

As part of a "Track II" strategy, CIA was directed to seek to
instigate a coup to prevent Allende from taking office.

Saddam Hussein is on trial. How come no one has been tried for the
crime of instigating a coup in a foreign country?

CIA Arms the Coup Plotters, Abets Kidnapping of Army Officer

Under "Track II" of the strategy, CIA sought to instigate a coup to
prevent Allende from taking office after he won a plurality in the 4
September election and before, as Constitutionally required because
he did not win an absolute majority, the Chilean Congress reaffirmed
his victory. CIA was working with three different groups of
plotters. All three groups made it clear that any coup would
require the kidnapping of Army Commander Rene Schneider, who felt
deeply that the Constitution required that the Army allow Allende to
assume power. CIA agreed with that assessment. Although CIA
provided weapons to one of the groups, we have found no information
that the plotters' or CIA's intention was for the general to be
killed. Contact with one group of plotters was dropped early on
because of its extremist tendencies. CIA provided tear gas,
submachine-guns and ammunition to the second group. The third group
attempted to kidnap Schneider, mortally wounding him in the attack.
CIA had previously encouraged this group to launch a coup but
withdrew support four days before the attack because, in CIA's
assessment, the group could not carry it out successfully.


Although CIA did not instigate the coup that ended Allende's
government on 11 September 1973, it was aware of coup-plotting by
the military, had ongoing intelligence collection relationships with
some plotters, and --- because CIA did not discourage the takeover
and had sought to instigate a coup in 1970 --- probably appeared to
condone it.

Yeah, I'd goddamn say that was how it appeared. Maybe it was the
submachine guns. Maybe it was because only a paragraph before the
CIA was said to have CIA had "encouraged" a group "to launch a
coup". -- REMEMBER! Everything you are reading is an official U.S.
report, instigated by President Clinton and ordered by Congress.
This is not an article from Raw Story, Granma, Counterpunch, or
Wayne Madsen Reports (for those who eschew one or more of these

Within a year after the coup, the CIA and other US Government
agencies were aware of bilateral cooperation among regional
intelligence services to track the activities of and, in at least a
few cases, kill political opponents. This was the precursor to
Operation Condor, an intelligence-sharing arrangement among Chile,
Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay established in 1975.

The document goes on to give much more supporting evidence. I will
give only one more example (because otherwise you will click out of
this diary as too long), re the involvement of U.S.
telecommunications companies in the destabilization of Chilean

The company was International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT). Are you
surprised? Here's what the report says:

As early as the 1964 Chilean Presidential election, American
businessmen with interests in Chile had offered to provide the CIA
with funds to prevent Allende from being elected. All of these
early offers were rejected.

In early 1970 a [CIA] Station officer was contacted by a United
States businessman employed by International Telephone and Telegraph
(ITT) urging the US government to provide financial support to one
of Allende's opponents, Jorge Alessandri. The Station provided the
businessman the name of an individual who could securely funnel ITT
funds to Alessandri.

Several months later another ITT representative approached the CIA
in Washington to probe whether CIA would accept funds from his
company and channel them to the Alessandri campaign. He was told
that CIA could not receive and transfer funds to Alessandri on
behalf of a private firm. The CIA also told him that, although the
US Government was most anxious about a possible Allende victory, it
was not supporting any specific candidate in the election. As
occurred several months earlier, however, the Station provided this
businessman advice on how to funnel ITT funds securely to

After Allende's election and before his inauguration, the CIA, under
40 Committee direction, made an effort --- in coordination with the
Embassy in Santiago --- to encourage Chilean businesses to carry out
a program of economic disruption.

This portion is good example of the Star Wars quote, viz. "Move
along, nothing to see here." The CIA admits they helped ITT funnel
money to an Allende opponent, but then state they were uncommitted
in that election!

Everywhere you look: lies, obfuscation, crimes, cover-up, limited
admissions followed by tons more lies and cover-up.

To be a true democrat and citizen, one must become informed. Without
an informed electorate, the elections mean nothing. Ignorance is a
greater threat than Diebold. I hope everyone on this site will read
this and apply its lessons to a greater understanding of what is at
stake in our fight against those who would undermine our democracy.


Okay, not so much an update, as an important addition... on the role
of President Nixon. I really, really meant to put this in on first
draft, but got in a rush. Anyway, as the U.S. Government reports:
On 15 September President Nixon informed the DCI that an Allende
regime in Chile would not be acceptable to the United States. He
instructed the CIA to prevent Allende from coming to power or unseat
him and authorized $10 million for this purpose. The President
specifically directed that this action be carried out by the CIA
without advising the Departments of State or Defense or the U.S.
Ambassador in Chile. In response to Nixon's direction, CIA took a
variety of actions, including making overtures to the military of a
foreign government to request its insights, forwarding worldwide
propaganda information for placement in local media, initiating
efforts to promote public opposition to Allende among leading
newspapers such as El Mercurio, and contacting a Catholic layman who
was in touch with Church leaders in Chile to influence their
attitudes toward Allende. Station officers increased contacts with
Chilean military officers. Frei was also encouraged to use his
influence with the military and encourage officers to consider
forming a new government before Congress elected Allende President.

Elsewhere, the report states:
According to the Church Committee report, in their meeting with CIA
Director Richard Helms and Attorney General John Mitchell on 15
September 1970 President Nixon and his National Security Advisor,
Henry Kissinger, directed the CIA to prevent Allende from taking
power. They were "not concerned [about the] risks involved,"
according to Helms' notes. In addition to political action, Nixon
and Kissinger, according to Helms's notes, ordered steps to "make
the economy scream."
Ah... there they all are: Helms, Mitchell, Nixon, and Kissinger, the
Tenet, Gonzalez, Bush, Cheney of their time!

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