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The proposed new UN Security Council Resolution supposedly designed to bring an end to the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah is just plain bloody stupid!!
The primary problem is that it calls for Hezbollah to be DISARMED while Israel continues to remain ARMED and seriously dangerous to Middle East peace, as it has always been.

Needless to say Hezbollah has not been consulted in any of the supposed Peace negotiations and I ask –just WHO is going to disarm Hezbollah??? I suppose the UN is stupid enough to think that Hezbollah will just lay down its arms and let Israel stay on Lebanese soil – fat chance of that happening!! I’m damn sure if I was Hezbollah I would tell them ‘to go to hell’.

The World and the Middle East would be much better served if it was Israel who was disarmed, especially in view of its possession of nuclear weapons. Israel’s current behaviour has demonstrated that they just might be crazy enough to use them.

In the past few weeks Israel has clearly shown the world just how insane it is as a nation. It has carried out massive War Crimes and Crimes against humanity and Lebanese infrastructure in a most callous and cowardly way. The death toll of innocent Lebanese citizens, men, women and many children and the displacement of up to 1 Million persons have made Israel an International pariah. Israel has finally shown the world just how sick it is, and worse it has gotten away with it because the rest of the worlds leaders are a gutless mob who won’t stand up to the moronic US President and his Administration and stop the conflict.

If we lived in a fair and just world that recognised International protocols and would not allow excessive war crimes to be committed with impunity, other nations should have launched an attack on Israel and forced them to stop. Instead they looked the other way and left the Lebanese nation to be destroyed and its citizens ruthlessly MURDERED. That’s the real sick world we live in.

It’s time the world as a whole came down on Israel and made it comply with all the UN Resolutions that have been brought against it, and is forced to remove itself from Gaza and the Occupied Territories, keep out of Palestine, and allow the Palestinian State to get on with life after Israel – and it also should be forced to remove the Berlin Wall No: 2 that it has built.

It is time for Israel to grow up and stop causing trouble throughout the world. Failure to comply with these requirements should surely negate its “right to existence” and then perhaps the Arab / Muslim countries would have the right to annihilate it once and for all and bring peace to the region.

The Band- Aid ideas of the United Nations and the United States will never solve the problem.


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