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Dennis Kyne is one of the greatest American heroes of our time. A combat veteran and former paramedic in the first Gulf War, Dennis now spends his days touring the nation, performing musically, and speaking out against these wars.

Dennis was on the bus with Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, rode the bus to New Orleans to help after Katrina, and has been working tirelessly for years to tell the truth about these wars, bring our troops home, help fellow veterans, and to educate the public about the use of deadly Uranium munitions, aka: Depleted Uranium.

Here's your chance to help support the awesome work of Dennis Kyne. It only takes 2 or 3 minutes of your time and does not cost a dime!
Dennis Kyne is currently entered in the Armed Forces Contest at the website.

But he needs our overwhelming HUGE and IMMEDIATE support in order to win!

If Dennis wins this contest, it will enable him to further spread his message and help support his critically important work of waging peace.
I urge you to take just two to three minutes to vote for Dennis Kyne. Please do this RIGHT NOW, as the contest ends at 12:00 noon E.T. on Monday, July 23.

After you vote, please forward this far and wide RIGHT NOW to all your groups, friends - everyone you know. There's never been a quicker, more easy way to help wage peace!

"Ain't going back again," the song that made it to the top of the Neil Young, Living With War, charts and sat #`16 on the Earshot charts in Canada, is now making a run...In Video.

The competition is an Armed Forces open submission at

We find this to be the best medium to get in touch with those that would otherwise not even know there are Anti War Troops.
This video was done during the Ehren Watada Court martial period.
The video was shot by Zoltan Grossman and is his work.

It started when Darrell Anderson led up a Camp Resistance outside the
gates of Fort Lewis. Dennis Kyne was there, and along with Ethan

Crowel drumming, former Coast Guard, Mike Cuzzort on guitar,
Afghanistan, Darrell (purple Heart, Baghdad, April '04) and Dennis, they put this song out to the people the night before the dismissal of Ehren
Watada's trial.

Support the truth and please visit this page and let the world know that
Resisters have support. I have pointed out the process by which you get in and vote, below.

Please forward this message to your friends and let them know we can
make a message out of this medium.

1. First, visit Dennis Kyne's voting page at:


You will see to the right of the video the words: Vote for this artist within a pink circle with a Check in it.

You are not able to vote for artist Dennis Kyne until you go up to the Login tab and REGISTER first.

Once you register, you will need to check your email account for your password.

After your password is mailed to you (takes one-half minute) you can go back to the website and Login and Click on the box to the left that says "Vote for This Artist".

To learn more about Dennis Kyne, read my article, "Dennis Kyne: An
Uncommon American Hero"

Or you can visit his website at:

Thank you for supporting the work of Dennis Kyne by voting for him -

and for helping to spread the word now!

Cathy Garger

If the crazies and the psy ops aren't after you, then you're barking up the wrong tree.

~ S.P. ~

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