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July 17, 2007

What a day and half in northern California! On Friday, my first appointment was at 6:00 am, and my day ended at 11:00 pm. I did radio and tv interviews in San Francisco, followed by a meeting with the editorial board of the San Francisco Chronicle. The questions were tough but fair: my favorite! Meanwhile, more and more interview requests pour into the campaign. There is a real hunger for our ideas, even in the mainstream media. The message of liberty is popular!

Then I headed for Google, one of America’s great businesses. Some of the young stars who populate that company took me on a tour of a firm that seemed like a university student union. I saw where everyone works, eats, and exercises. Next I did a political YouTube interview with questions submitted from the web. I was told that never had Google, in the entire history of this series, received the sheer number of questions that it had for my interview. People care about freedom.

Then I spent an hour answering questions from Google employees, crowded into a large room with overflow rooms overflowing too. Next was fascinating briefing from some of the technical heads of Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Apps, and other extraordinary innovations. Then there was a press conference for the media gathered in a company courtyard, and then a fundraising reception that a group of Google employees had organized off-site. In the evening there was another successful fundraiser.

Saturday morning was the Silicon Valley Meetup in a park right next to Google. A huge and enthusiastic crowd was there to hear about our ideas, and the diversity was astounding. There were bikers in leather and hippies, young parents and grandparents, high-tech workers and business owners, and so many young Americans.

I talked about all our ideas: marching out of Iraq just as we marched in; no more meddling in the Middle East; bringing the troops home, from hundreds of expensive bases all over the world, so that we could have the money we need for the transition to freedom in social programs, and to abolish the personal income tax and the IRS. They are not compatible with a free society.

In a Ron Paul administration, we would also repeal the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act, restore habeas corpus and stop the spying on Americans. No more eavesdropping on our emails and bank accounts, our phone calls, home and businesses. No national ID -- just the bracing freedom of the Constitution.

We must have sound money, and not a giant counterfeiting machine called the Federal Reserve that causes recessions and inflation. We must have private property rights, with no pollution or other attacks on property. We should enforce the Second Amendment, and all the Bill of Rights. We can have privacy for us, not secrecy for a corrupt bureaucracy.

It is all within our grasp, the restoration of the republic and our sovereignty—no UN, no North American Union, no Nafta, no WTO, no World Bank, no IMF. Just federalism, free enterprise, peace, prosperity, and the kind of future we all want for our families, ourselves, and our fellow Americans.

The dream can be a reality. You can help make it so. Please: make your most generous donation to this effort for America’s future ( Instead of wars and inflation and spying and poverty, we can have peace and freedom and the blessings for our children and grandchildren of doing better than we have, of secure retirements and childhoods. No more theft -- of our savings or our liberty.

Please -- give to this campaign, for all our futures (






Congressman Ron Paul is the leading advocate for freedom in our nation’s capital. As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Dr. Paul tirelessly works for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies. He is known among his congressional colleagues and his constituents for his consistent voting record. Dr. Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution.



July 16, 2007

The recent defeat of the amnesty bill in the Senate
came after outraged Americans made it clear to the
political elite that they would not tolerate this
legislation, which would further erode our national
sovereignty. Similarly, polls increasingly show the
unpopularity of the Iraq war, as well as of the
Congress that seems incapable of ending it.

Because some people who vocally oppose amnesty are
supportive of the war, the ideological connection
between support of the war and amnesty is often
masked. If there is a single word explaining the
reasons why we continue to fight unpopular wars and
see legislation like the amnesty bill nearly become
law, that word is “globalism.”

The international elite, including many in the
political and economic leadership of this country,
believe our constitutional republic is antiquated and
the loyalty Americans have for our form of government
is like a superstition, needing to be done away with.
When it benefits elites, they pay lip service to the
American way, even while undermining it.

We must remain focused on what ideology underlies the
approach being taken by those who see themselves as
our ruling-class, and not get distracted by the
passions of the moment or the rhetorical devices used
to convince us how their plans will be “good for us.”
Whether it is managed trade being presented under the
rhetoric of “free trade,” or the ideas of “regime
change” abroad and “making the world safe for
democracy” -- the underlying principle is globalism.

Although different rhetoric is used in each instance,
the basic underlying notion behind replacing regimes
abroad and allowing foreign people to come to this
country illegally is best understood by comprehending
this ideal of the globalist elite. In one of his most
lucid moments President Bush spoke of the “soft
bigotry of low expectations.” Unfortunately, that
bigotry is one of the core tenets at the heart of the
globalist ideology.

The basic idea is that foreigners cannot manage their
own affairs so we have to do it for them. This may
require sending troops to far off lands that do not
threaten us, and it may also require “welcoming with
open arms” people who come here illegally. All along
globalists claim a moral high ground, as if our
government is responsible for ensuring the general
welfare of all people. Yet the consequences are
devastating to our own taxpayers, as well as many of
those we claim to be helping.

Perhaps the most seriously damaged victim of this
approach is our own constitutional republic, because
globalism undermines both the republican and
democratic traditions of this nation. Not only does it
make a mockery of the self-rule upon which our
republic is based, it also erodes the very
institutions of our republic and replaces them with
international institutions that are often incompatible
with our way of life.

The defeat of the amnesty bill proves though that
there is no infallible logic, or predetermined march
of history, that forces globalism on us.


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