Pimp Daddies A National Disgrace
Fri Jul 13, 2007 16:10

Pimp Daddies A National Disgrace
By Michael Treis

First off the bat I know and openly admit that I have done wrong in my life. The thing is I do NOT engage in making a habit or occupation of it. I try and correct my short fallings, and try not to judge others like myself that just fall short or make mistakes and like all, fall short of the Glory of God.
However within our “system” is a most deplorable situation that centers on “Pimp Daddies” within our now truly Criminal- Justice System. I’ll go a step further and point to “Hometown USA” right here in Ellis County, Texas. In fact I’ll go so far as to say we truly have a Grand Poo Ba “Pimp-master” within our midst. A man that calls himself “Judge” but doesn’t even have a valid oath (“license to drive” his court).
Gene Knize “The Pimp-master”,A man who has been quoted in local papers as saying of trying to bring pedophiles to justice, that it is “too expensive” to bring them to trial. What is the cost to the children, what is the cost to each of the families of those children who have to cope with what has happened?
As reported by Joey Dauben of the Ellis County Observer there have been some 50 case in the last two years in which child molesters have been given probation and in most case deferred adjudication by County Attorney Joe Grubbs Pimp Daddy & “Judge”Gene Knize.
Lets take a closer look. If you don’t do time in jail and go on probation there are fines, court costs, probation fees, etc. Then you walk free among the public having paid your pimp fees. I’m sure this happens all across the country to some extent but it is a disgrace of national proportion.
How can we have justice HERE if we do not stop these perpetrators of child molestation in their tracks by making the punishment so severe they will fear even the thought of such a deed? Destroying the innocence of children has a profound effect on the country. It gives them a warped perspective of how thing should be. Which is only reinforced when, the courts collects the pimp fees and allows the child molester to be free. What would YOU have done to someone that just defiled your 10-14 year old child?
Since the judge has the final word in the release of child molesters on probation
He is truly the “Pimp-master!”
Where is our backbone, tar & feathers, and hangman’s noose?

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